When it comes to promoting any affiliate marketing programs or offers, there are plenty of choices and methods for you to choose from. Two of the most popular methods out there are search and social network advertising. While they may seem similar, they are actually quite different.

Before starting your next ad campaign, be sure to look at your different advertising options and see which can deliver the best results for you. If you are currently using search, try to incorporate some social network advertising into your campaigns, and vice-versa. The points below show the many pros and cons between social networking and search advertising.

Social Network Advertising

  • Sources: Facebook Ads / Plenty of Fish
  • Fast Volume of Traffic and Clicks
  • Very Targeted Demographics
  • Ad Rates Based on CTR
  • Low Cost Entry Points ($5 day)

Search Advertising

  • Sources: Google / Bing
  • High Prices and Competition
  • Quality Score Issues
  • Algorithm / Search Changes
  • Target Users Based on Keywords
  • Target by Geo-Location
  • Keyword Pixel / Conversion Tracking

The lists above may be basic, but they may be enough to inspire you to try a new traffic source and advertising method. Search marketing can be a slow process due to keyword research, quality score issues and the type of landing pages or offers you want to promote. Social network can be a much faster way to reach millions of users in a much shorter period of time, which results in much faster split testing and results.

No matter what advertising solution you choose, there is plenty of money to be made in both, and there are also multiple traffic sources for each. With very low cost entry points and minimum daily spending limits in the $5-$10 range, there is plenty of room for you to test the waters and see what type of offers you can promote and profit from.

This post was written by Zac Johnson

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