The prevailing message in website publishing is fairly simple: content is king. Great content is what leads to high search rankings, website traffic, and online sales. But what makes website content great, exactly? Accuracy, readability, usability, and originality are important qualities of any form of online information.

But what inspires Web users to read your website content? You might have the best site on the Web, jam-packed with high-quality information, but it won’t do much good if no one feels motivated to actually read your content. Getting readers to click a link and visit your website requires a bit of creativity. One of the best ways to inspire click-through rates and increase your online profile is to write compelling content titles that make readers want to read more.

Benefits of Exciting Content Titles

A creative and gripping content titles motivates readers to click links and read online articles. These linkbaiting titles hook viewers and motivate them to keep reading. The title is the very first thing readers will encounter in search engine results pages, so it is vital to craft a unique and intriguing title that will immediately capture the interest and imagination of your readers.

Not only will exciting titles improve click-through rates; they will also improve the search engine optimization of your pages. Writing titles that clearly define the content of page and include target keywords will improve the performance of your Web pages in search. By creating a title that is both search engine and reader friendly, your site will assuredly become a top online destination.

What Makes a Great Content Title?

Now that you understand why content titles are so important to your online success, you may be wondering what exactly makes a title great. By following a few simple conversion tips, you can create titles that perform well in the major search engines and compel readers to click your links. While there is some variability, most excellent Web page titles share the following characteristics:

1. Good content titles are succinct. Online readers want to understand what something is about quickly and easily. If you take to long to get to the point, viewer may lose interest. Focus on keeping your titles short and snappy. Great content titles are short and sweet.  Search engines prefer short titles and so do busy online readers. Say what you need to say in as few words as possible.

2. Quality content titles have significance. Readers want to feel that a title relates to some aspect of their life. Get to the point quickly, but give some indication of how your content may help your readers.

3. Great content titles are simple and fresh. Use everyday language that is familiar to the average reader. Avoid technical jargon and clichéd phrases. Aim for simplicity, readability and usability when writing your content titles.

Promoting Your Web Content

Once you have created quality Web content and written an effective title, you need to promote your content to get the maximum results.  Simply posting your content to the Web can achieve results, but well-planned promotion can get the message out quickly and reach out to search engines and readers as fast as possible.  Some great promotional strategies include linking to your content in blog posts, distributing press releases to promote new features, and cross-linking between related content on your website. This combined approach of producing great content, creating compelling article titles and effective promotional strategies is the best way to achieve success in Web publishing.