There is a lot of debate about quantity vs. quality when it comes to producing content for you website.

On one hand …

Quantity allows your website to continually push pieces that may capture long-tail keywords. These quick posts are also easy to produce in rapid succession. Websites that utilize this approach may not go in-depth on the topics but the sheer volume they put out brings in millions of eyeballs especially when they leverage great headlines and hooks.

On the other …

Quality work is the type frequently linked. These pieces are in-depth and can do wonders for building an affiliate income such as producing thorough reviews of products or services. Likewise, a series post presents multiple opportunities to link affiliated resources.

What’s needed is a balance …

Trying to produce each and every piece of content, for your website, can become overwhelming. A constant post a day can burn-out any individual and when you try to step it up with greater quantity you’ll quickly realize why those bigger websites employ content producers and source contributors.

Sourcing Contributors for Your Website Content

There is no shortage of hungry freelance writers available to contribute content for your website. Likewise, there is always a growing list of website developers seeking to improve their search ranking and exposure through guest posting. Let’s also not forget that your existing community may have something to say – as long as you give them the opportunity.

There are multiple ways to go about sourcing contributors for your site content.

The following are three that I highly recommend for getting the ball rolling …

Guest Blogging Services

Guest blogging is a great way to build quality backlinks to a website to increase its ranking. Guest blogging is also very helpful when trying to build your business brand. For these two reasons we have seen quite a growth in guest blogging as a marketing strategy. With this method we have also seen an adoption of communities and outreach services aimed to pairing website owners with guest bloggers.

A few of the more well-known of these services include:

Within these networks you can find thousands of individuals skilled in any number of topics. You are given the ability to interact with these would-be guest bloggers to set guidelines and suggestions for submitted topics.

Utilizing these types of networks and services will create a never-ending stream of fresh content for your website. All that’s required, on your end, is to generally cite the author and give them a link back to their destination page which is a worthwhile trade-off especially if it keeps your site pumping out content for search engines and social.

Freelance Writing Networks

Generally speaking – if you’re paying someone to do a task they’re more likely to put in the effort (for the most part). Being the client, you can make higher demands as opposed to soliciting guest posts since it’s your dollar. Likewise, if you should understand that an expert in a field doesn’t necessarily just want to create content for the fun of it especially if they can get paid.

There are plenty of ways to go about finding freelance writers for your projects:

  • Posting a listing on freelance job boards such as the Problogger Job Board
  • Finding content on marketplaces like Ghostbloggers
  • Creating a listing on freelance networks like oDesk
  • Digging through search listings using your keywords + “writing services”

You’re bound to find an expert (or two) on the topics you need. Pay them well and you’ll receive great, quality content for your website. Also, take this time to find a few freelance writers for producing quick, easy content to fill in the quantity gap in between the big posts.

Community Contribution

Who best to create content than the same individuals that have following your site? Your community members will have a wide range of expertise; they also have unique opinions which you may not touch upon when you’re doing all the writing.

All that’s needed, for this kind of contribution, is to open the platform.

1. Create a “Submit Content” page for your website complete with guidelines for submissions, an easy-to-use contact form, and an explanation of the benefits for contributing.

2. Send an update to your email newsletter or on your social media account explaining that you’re opening your website to guest contributors.

3. Select a few candidates based on their content pitch and setup a content schedule for these individuals – coordinate their contributions.

4. Keep the individuals updated once a post has gone live so they can do their share of promotional work on social media (and to answer the comments).

You’d be surprised at how many members of your community are itching to share their expertise and opinion about your site topics. Give them the chance and you’ll solicit quite a few submissions that will help reduce the workload from generating the content by yourself.

What other ways would you suggest for finding contributors for your website content?