If you’re hearing a lot of buzz about content marketing, it’s because people are aware of how effective it is. Some people in the digital marketing world think this is a new form of generating traffic, but we all know that this practice has been in effect for a while now. With the advent of smartphones, tablets and other devices that are taking up the attention of online consumers, affiliates are becoming more aware that creating solid content that is engaging for their busy visitors is really to their benefit.

Regularly, I advise affiliates, on behalf of  merchants, to update their websites with more quality content. This shouldn’t be a surprise, but it’s amazing how many affiliates are not taking full advantage of putting more thought into their content they publish.  People are not reading content in the same way that they normally would have, say five years ago. With this in mind, affiliates can look to a variety of methods to captivate their users, one of which is content marketing.

We all know that producing quality, SEO-rich content for affiliate sites is a good thing, so if you have not done so already, it’s time to start making your social media and other channels work for you. Here are three quick tips that affiliate marketers can follow for their social media, blogs and any other content channels they use to engage potential consumers.

Keep It Short

We don’t have to tell you that following Twitter’s lead – keeping your content sharp, concise and to the point – is a win-win opportunity for you and your consumers. Obviously not all of your affiliate website and social media content has to be 140 characters, but, if you have a blog, some experts suggest experimenting with shortening the length of your posts to anywhere from 350 to 500 words. People generally don’t have a lot of time, and have short attention spans. So follow what some experts say, and reduce the size of your content. Your readers, whoever they may be, will thank you.

Keep it Frequent

Hubspot’s 2011 research on inbound marketing showed that more frequent posting of blog content increases traffic. Not only should you be updating your blog regularly with helpful and resourceful content, but you should be applying this rule to your social media channels as well. Facebook and Twitter obviously don’t have a ton of room for lengthy content, but if you’re reaching out to a fan base and potential consumers, you should try to post messages, reply, and mention others at least once or twice everyday to ensure visitors keep coming back for more.

Keep it Consistent

One of the hardest parts of managing blog, Twitter, Facebook and any other content channels is creating a cohesive style and voice. If social media is being handled by someone other than yourself, while you handle email marketing messages, and someone else handles your blog content, then this can be an issue. Try to create a more consistent style and position in your content to create better inbound responses. One way to do this is by creating an editorial calendar and strategy for each of your channels. Also, look at what keywords you want to rank for during each month. By getting your team to use the same language, length of content and overall tone, you can create a more uniform identity in your inbound content marketing.

These are just a few quick tips on working to bring potential consumers to your affiliate business. Tell us what inbound content marketing strategies you will be applying for 2012 in the comment section below.

About the Author

Nicole Young is an affiliate manager at the company Share Results. She entered the world of affiliate marketing after moving to Montreal in 2009. Originally from New Brunswick, Nicole completed her BBA at the University of New Brunswick with an honor in Marketing and International Business. Aside from building strong relationships with her affiliates, Nicole spends her days overseeing the growth of the programs she is managing, negotiating deals, blogging, assisting affiliates with the development of their marketing campaigns, and staying up-to-date with industry news and trends!