You can capture your users' emotions!

Human beings are an emotional animal that makes brash, quick decisions based on pleasure; logic often goes out of the windows during sales and community building in place of actions focused on “feeling” your business and its offerings.

How to Appeal to your Users’ Emotions

It’s impossible to relate to every individual that finds your website; it’s even harder to always appeal to a users’ emotions because of uncontrollable factors (which may also be your own). However, the emotional puzzle can be solved and doing so will give you a greater connection with website visitors and ultimately lead to a successful business.



Identity. First and foremost, identify with your audience. The web has millions of users – appealing to each and every one of them is impossible so it’s best to carve out your own niche by attracting the type of people that want to connect with you on a real level vs. purely informational. Craft your identity and stand your place, do not compromise your values and ethics, and be loud when you’re making a point.

People naturally follow leaders; alpha individuals – the type of people they can trust but also know that there is an equal amount of value exchange between both parties. People do not do business if the transaction is completely one sided.

Watch this video before you begin to gain a greater understanding of emotions:


Skip the lingo. Speak to your visitors in their terms; don’t throw around jargon that only the “in crew” understands. Your market is fellow affiliate marketers – it’s the people that will be buying the products. Get out of this mindset that you need to explain your information like you’re writing a white paper for a major industry CEO – talk to the common person, your core audience.

Don’t get wrapped up in appealing to your industry; you can easily play it safe and do what others are doing but people don’t want the watered down version of you – they want some form of biased because it pits them against the other side; it gives them a reason to be passionate.

Flaunt them. People want to hear about themselves; it’s only natural to be in tune when others mention your name and flaunt your talents and accomplishments. Speak less of yourself and more about how they will benefit from taking action all the while playing to their self ego.

People love what they expect to hear; tell them what they want but remain firm on your own reasoning behind each bit of information. Don’t necessarily persuade them outside of their comfort zone but do challenge them and have them project into the benefits of following your message.

Let them talk. Leave a gap in your speech and people will immediately jump in. People want to talk; do not disrupt visitors from having their say because it naturally appeals to their emotions when getting their information out to fellow community members. Be sure to utilize social platforms to spur up discussions, appeal to the persons emotions, and let them have their own say.

It may seem redundant to mention these semi-obvious human elements of emotion but remember that you’re taking a logical stance on your business despite your own conflict to inject an emotional response. It’s very important that you approach your affiliate business in a logical manner to open these emotional channels for your visitors because it will ultimately allow your community to flourish, brand to be established, and develop long-term customers and visitors.

How do you reach your visitors’ emotional levels?


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