Sending email newsletters is a very effective marketing method for any niche, but when you want to promote your offers to women, keeping the following tips in mind can improve your conversion rates and create a good relationship with your list.

Offer a Targeted Bribe

Offering a bribe is the oldest trick in the book to get someone to subscribe to your email newsletter. The idea is that a visitor lands on your opt-in page, sees your free product (the one you’re willing to give away in exchange for an email address), decides that it’s a fair deal, and signs up.

The trick here is to offer a product that’s valuable only for women. Make it as targeted as possible. It’s difficult to give any examples because the situation is different for every niche. In essence, your job is to make it obvious that your free product is meant to help women.

This will make your list ultra-targeted.

Buying a List

In some markets there are businesses willing to sell you lists of email addresses. We’re talking about legitimate businesses, not spammers.

Such offers usually have quite solid demographic data. This lets you pretty much get thousands of emails all belonging to women. It’s an easy way out, and it makes sense, especially if you’re just testing the market and don’t want to spend months building the list on your own.

Make It Personal

Use your recipient’s name. Also, make personal references indicating that your message is meant for a woman.

For instance, depending on the niche you’re in you can use phrases like: “your boyfriend,” “your husband,” and others (whenever it makes actual sense).

Also, focus on creating an emotional connection with the reader. Don’t talk only about facts and features of what you’re selling. Explain what the features mean to your recipient on an emotional level. This can be achieved easily in niches like: health problems, diets, and fitness programs.

In a nutshell: Make your content relevant to women.

Stealth Methods To Invite New People

If one woman likes what you’re doing, chances are that she’ll want to invite their friends to pay attention to you as well.

You should embrace this idea by offering some rewards or freebies. For instance, you can offer a bonus product for inviting two friends to join your newsletter, or a free consultation (if it makes sense in your niche).

Another idea is to offer bonuses that can be given away as gifts. Make sure to include some information about your newsletter with the gifts, so the people who receive them can join too. We’re sure that you’ll find a clever way to implement this.

Feel free to join the discussion and let us know what other methods you’re using when sending emails to an audience of women.