Struggling with your recent ad campaigns? Not having that much success with CPV or ppc marketing? Are you looking for the latest and exciting ways to make money online and target a whole new audience? Sure… who isn’t! If you’ve already mastered the sacred world of Facebook Ads, then I have a wonderful new land of opportunity and roi for you… which is called Plenty of Fish!

Plenty of Fish is one of the world’s largest and free online dating sites. That’s pretty much all you need to know from a marketing stand point. The great thing about advertising on Plenty of Fish, is that they spent a lot of time working with affiliates and other marketers to create an amazing self serve platform, just like what Facebook Ads has.

Since the users of Plenty of Fish are signing up for a dating site, they are providing a lot of really useful information, which you can use to create some amazingly targeted campaigns… and that’s what this tutorial is going to be all about, creating your first Plenty of Fish ads campaign.

Let’s get started! If you don’t have a POF ads account, you can sign up for one right now at

Next, you will want to select what type of ad campaigns you want to create. You have two choices… “Small-Ads” and “IAB Standard” ads.

  • The small ads are a lot like profile ads, and the ones you currently see on Facebook Ads. Basically a small image with a title headline, then a short description.
  • The IAB Standard ad spots are your basic banner sizes that you are used to seeing, which are 300×250 and 160×600.

Creating Your POF Ad Campaigns

After selecting the type of ad campaign you want to run, you will then be sent to the ad creation page, which gives you a ton of targeting options to choose from. There is a lot to cover hear, so we will break this page down into three sections.

First we have the basic campaign information, which you can see in the screenshot below.

  • Name Your Campaign: Self Explantory
  • Budget: This is how much you want to spend on your ad campaign… which is on a CPM basis. The minimum bid is .10 per 1,000 views, but if you are looking for some nice volume, and going to target your campaigns tightly, you will need to spend in the .40 to .80 to compete with other advertisers.
  • Dates: How long you want your ad campaign to run for.
  • Delivery: The Max Daily Spend is how much of a budget you will spend on a daily basis. The distribution is how fast you want to blow through your budget and get traffic (Distribute ASAP will send as fast as possible, Distrubute Evenly will spread your ad campaign out during the course of the day. The Frequency Cap is how many times you want people to see your ads per visit/hour/day. Lastly, you can also include the value of your conversion, which is used to help you find profitability when using pixel/ad tracking.

Next we are going to build the infrastructure of our ad campaign, and who we want to target. Plenty of Fish offers a ton of targeting for you to choose from. I selected a bunch of different targeting options in the screenshot below.

In addition to all of the basic demographics such as age, location, gender and marital status, POF also allows you to target by body type, ethnicity, education level, religion, hair color, height, if they own pets and so much more. This is some really powerful information when it comes to building a successful ad campaign.

Lastly, you will have to create your actual ad copy. If you are going with the “Small Ads”, you will have to provide the image, title and description (shown below). If you are going with the IAB Standard ad copies, you can simply upload them from your computer.

Click “SUBMIT”, then your campaign will go in que for the Plenty of Fish ad approval team to deny or approve. Once the ad campaign is live, you will be able to view all stats and lead tracking through your admin area.

Finding Success on Plenty of Fish

The best way to find success on Plenty of Fish, is to continually add new ad copy and relate to the user through the demographics that you are targeting. Once you get a handle on how the self serve interface works, you will want to upload as many campaigns and ad copies as possible for split testing purposes. There are also a few POF Ad Uploaders available as well. With the user of the ad uploaders, you can save a ton of time and upload hundreds of different ad copies within minutes, instead of hours.

Keep in mind that the majority of people using Plenty of Fish, are doing so because they are single and looking to meet new people. Dating campaigns are one of the most used and successful affiliate offers currently running through Plenty of Fish.

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