Though you’re into this Affiliate Marketing thing you still have a rush of ideas that sound promising yet you stop yourself from entertaining them because you’re trying to stay focused.

One day you could be in the middle of doing an advertising campaign and you get an awesome idea for a piece of content around one of your hobbies (that may not be anything to do with the AM business).

Usually you crush it down, make a note of it, and set it on the backburner. Sometimes we may take those ideas and turn them into little side ventures.

In time you forget about it and there is a part of you that feels a little down because you didn’t explore that creativity.

Well, don’t worry any longer because I’d like to share a variety of out lets for that creativity that will actually help with your Affiliate Marketing at the same time.

Start a personal blog

Setup a blog just as you would with one of your project sites but make it only about what’s on your mind and what you’ve been doing. It doesn’t need to be directed at any sort of topic nor does it need to be monetized. The purpose of the personal blog is to jot down all those ideas and thoughts to clear them from your head.

The benefit: Sometimes you may write something that spurs ideas for your business (such as noticing terrible customer service, what you like about a particular product, or people you’ve met that have been inspiring). You never know what you’ll find when you let your mind wander and your fingers go to work.

Veg out and watch the tube

Sometimes I like staying up real late and watching infomercials for fun (they’re often cheap and cheesy). Other times I like to dig through IMDB and find the strangest movie that caught my interest. When you start to go down that show/movie rabbit hole you’re bound to come up with strange thoughts of your own. All you need to do is think “could this be something to include in my business?” and you may find yourself onto something.

The benefit: Movies are there to take you out of this World and to tell a story. When you are engrossed in a movie you feel like the character going through the events. This shift in feeling can change the way you think so while you’re having fun watching something you could also tap into that different mindset to come up with ideas that your normal self may not even entertain.

Take up a hobby

The drawback of Affiliate Marketing (and anything where you work predominantly online) is that you’re always on. You could veg out and watch a movie but somewhere in the back of your mind you feel this need to keep working. If you have the stamina to keep working then that’s all good on you but for the majority there needs to be a definitive break so we don’t become overloaded and burnt out.

That’s where a hobby comes in. It gives you something to do to take your mind off business and in those moments of clarity when you’re enjoying the hobby you can generate new, exciting ideas that you later bring back to your normal work.

The benefit: What if one of those hobbies were in Photography or Web Development? With photography you could begin capturing the images you could use for your projects. With Web Development you could implement your online ideas from scratch. Even if it’s not a tech-related hobby it will help because it will help you network and bond with others which happens to aid in understanding better customer service.


No, not just speaking to friends, family, and loved ones. I’m talking about speaking with a purpose. Challenging yourself to go up to a stranger, strike up a conversation, and have them invested in what you have to offer. In many ways you can see this as a game – how long they’ll stick around, how interested you can get them, and whether you can negotiate and convert them on the idea. Speaking well will get you far in business because it’ll have you ready to negotiate better terms and convince people to trust in your business.

The benefit: We hate speaking to a public audience because it makes us so nervous but by trying to strike random conversations we slowly remove this feel of dread. Once the dread has been removed you can talk to anyone and the outcome is that you can wheel and deal bigger projects, convey your message without issues, lead teams, and command attention from others.

Hold a meetup

The people that you’ll end up inviting will be friends, possibly some coworkers, and a handful of people you know through business. This is a perfect mix and match of individuals that is bound to cover all kinds of topics from the weather to hobbies, to business and goals. When you’re not speaking – take time to analyze what makes people tick, what makes them do it, and why they invest their time into these activities and goals. In some way you are creating a focus group that can lead to profit.

This group of people will all have fresh eyes on whatever’s being throw around for conversation. Every once in a while someone may say something that catches you by surprise which you could use in a part of your business.

The benefit: Fresh eyes are great for pointing out the problems of a topic. The people are generally unapologetic but will mostly base their claim on logical, sound feedback. This brutal honesty may be what you need to see through the hype so you may focus on the real foundation that will help your Affiliate Marketing venture grow appropriately.

Join an active community

And I’m not just talking about Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. No, go out and seek forums and other social platforms that aren’t just the well-known ones.

You would be amazed at some of the deep conversations that go on with some of the niche forums out there; they don’t need to be related to your business at all, too. These let you chime in, get those ideas out, gain some feedback, meet cool people, and have a fun time.

Go one beyond and try to hold this meetup in an exciting place (aka the house or office) where you can wander around, grab a bite to eat, people watch, hang outside, and such; it’ll keep the energy going without it becoming boring fast.

The benefit: You never know how has tried launching a business (even if it’s just a simple one when they were younger). The stories you all tell are going to get a laugh; they’re going to be interesting. Use these moments to make a bond and bring them into your inner circle. These people may end up being who you later go to when you need feedback and support; they may also be the ones that gives you that golden idea bring out your creativity and funnel it into business.

The point of it all

Affiliate Marketing forces you to continually work on industry strategies each and every day. You’re also needed to keep up with the trends and constantly try new ideas. Over time you may feel that’s all you’re doing which makes the once, fun prospect of creating a business into a new chore.

My advice is to seek out creative outlets that don’t have anything to do with business. Even when they don’t you’re bound to generate a few ideas to bring back to the business later on. But for that moment you clear your mind, take it all in, and rest up because your vigor for this business will double and that’s where the benefit comes from all of this.


Image by Comfreak