Being a wired, busy entrepreneur has its drawbacks due to the myriad of ideas floating around your brain, constantly vying for your attention.

It’s true: great entrepreneurs are the ones that are quick on their feet for implementing ideas but the rest of us, those that just want to make a break, will find that we all have plenty of ideas but not enough outlets to bring them to fruition.

The problem we face, as marketers, is the conflicting decision on whether to pursue an idea.

We store away our ideas into sticky notes, word documents, bullet points on whiteboards, and long-term memory but they still seem to “itch”.  However, these begin to add up, we forget about them, reminisce on what could have happened, and curse ourselves for not taking action.

Here’s a better way to do it: find a creative outlet.

We just need to get the idea up and out there, most of the time. It may not necessarily need to become a source of income but rather to lift a mental “burden” (to satisfy the itch). Some may take off and earn some money, if you’re lucky, but just getting it out of your system is worthwhile for any serial entrepreneur with a boatload of ideas.

Here are some outlets for all those leftover business ideas

Micro Blogging Platforms like Tumblr – Tumblr is a little difficult to wrap your head around when you’re first getting a start on the platform but the intuitive design and methods for posting content will come right to you after an hour of play. Tumblr can be a great outlet for your creativity as it allow for quick, short updates and shares. Consider using this platform if you’re the type to write down just one or two lines for when you’re brainstorming – at least it’ll be out there in the wild.

Web2.0 Sites like Squidoo – Spent enough time to outline a project but can’t truly commit to its completion? What about just turning it into a piece of content? You’ll have plenty of ideas that won’t really fit on your main affiliate marketing website and these may not fit as guest posts so a good idea would be to create a complete piece of content, publish it on a site like Squidoo, and add in some affiliate offers for a hands-free form of passive income.

Fun Communities like Reddit – The front page and main subreddits of Reddit are fairly generic but if you spend some time on the site, you can dig in deep. You’ll probably find a subreddit for just about any topic or interest; sign up to the site and get active on these smaller communities – share your ideas, ask questions, answer others, write helpful stuff. You may get a little recognition out of it.

Going Old School with Forums – Try jumping into niche forums and do a bit of marketing. Forums can be a great place to build a community outside of your site and learn new things. Publish some of your ideas on its own thread and see what people have to say. You never know, something may spark and it reignites your business idea or it may just be something fun to discuss and get out of your system.

Publish a Book – Get into Kindle publishing, seriously. Kindle is on fire right now and it’s ripe with opportunity to earn some side income with your work. Collect all those ideas and form them into something complete, write up the book, get it on the network, and do a bit of promotion. In fact, you could probably just take all of them and compile them into a list-style piece and it’ll still do fairly well.

Launch a Micro-Email List – Either segment or start up a separate, small email list as an outlet. The list doesn’t need to be large, monetized, or all that active but you’ll find that it could be a great way to build up rapport with a few key members of your community. You could go the premium route, having an inexpensive email list for about $3 – $5 a month – it may not seem like much but if you’re not doing anything with the ideas it means that you’d actually make a profit off them.

Give ‘Em to Others – Got some followers that seem to be stuck in their content creation and business launch efforts? Consider sending your ideas to them or create a giant spreadsheet where people can pick and claim your ideas. After all, if you have no intention to get the ideas into motion, you might as well hand them off to someone else that could bring them to the market.

Work with a Freelance Client – Go out and search for a freelance role by using marketplaces like or job boards like the one on Problogger. An extra hour or two during the week could turn your business ideas into a cool bit of side-income when you distill them down into blog posts. You’ll be surprised how many website owners are in dire need of content; it’s worth a shot.

Try them in other Media – Maybe the reason you haven’t acted on the ideas stem from the fact that you may only view them as a burden due to all the writing that generally comes along with project launches. Well, why not go with a different media like video or audio? You could turn your extra ideas into video content for your site or just let it be and earn a bit of money through YouTube ads. Likewise, you could start a podcast – it may not have a whole lot of direction if you’re just rambling off ideas but you could find ways to incorporate them into some kind of a show even if you just have a segment about your ideas.

You could always do Print – Just because the majority of your work revolves around being online doesn’t mean that print isn’t any less valuable. A lot of people don’t understand how to effectively use the Web and search engines for finding information, so bring it to them through print media. Compile those ideas into a solid piece of media, book, or magazine and distribute it around your area. You could also consider taking those ideas and conducting local meetups. Not only would it be a fun, cool project but you could end up with a few leads for your affiliate offers.

An idea is only as valuable as its implementation.

Don’t allow your idea bank to become overflowing – find an outlet for your creativity!