There’s one really big piece of news circulating around the internet recently. Last week, one of the biggest international law enforcement actions aimed at fighting credit card crimes was carried out by the FBI and a number of other agencies around the world.

Actually, the New York office of the FBI calls it the biggest such operation in history. The whole thing involved collaborative work of undercover law enforcement agents in 13 countries.

The investigation took two years until it was concluded with 24 arrests around the world. People were arrested in countries like the United States (11 people), the UK, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Japan, and Norway.

Officials say that the operation is a great success as over 400,000 people were protected from falling victim to various forms of credit card fraud. An estimated amount of $205 million in purchases was prevented from being fraudulently spent.

This only means that no one is 100% safe. Quite simply, if you’ve been using your credit card number online there’s some chance of it getting stolen by someone. What’s even more scary is that the price tag on a credit card number starts at $3.50 per number.

The upcoming weeks will show how this whole action plays out, but no matter what the result will be we have to acknowledge the FBI and their great work. Credit card fraud is a serious threat not only for online buyers but affiliates as well.

Essentially, such news is both good and bad for the affiliate industry. On one side we are glad that there’s 24 less “carders” at large. On the other side this whole issue brings back the fear of doing business online, which can make people more hesitant about buying products that we – affiliates – promote on a daily basis.

Credit card fraud in general is very dangerous for affiliates. If someone makes a purchase of a product you’re promoting with a stolen credit card number you’re most likely going to see a chargeback at some point. This is by no means your fault, but it can still impact your profitability.

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