There’s a specific scene in the movie Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps where two of the main characters discuss how much they’d need to just “walk away” and retire. One replies “more”.

We each have our own definition of success.

  • Some of us want more money.
  • Some want the ability to travel.
  • Some want free time to spend with family and friends.

In all, our success is completely determined by our outlook on life, where we feel we’re going, and whether we think we can obtain success through our dedication.

The affiliate lifestyle presents a unique opportunity for each and every one of us.

There are no limits to what’s possible with affiliate marketing because you’re in no way restricted by your physical location.

You can earn your keep, build a brand, connect with amazing people, and operate your entire venture from the comfort of your home and Internet access. Some of us may not succeed in earning enough to replace our jobs, others will, but any additional income that comes as a result of our efforts gives us a step in the direction to obtaining our goals.

The object of goal setting is to test and track your work; it gives you milestones for your achievement and reinforces your effort. No doubt, successful entrepreneurs are the ones to take risks. Your business idea doesn’t need to revolutionize the world but you still risk the comfort of a comfortable, corporate existence.

Who knows, maybe you will stay active in your current position and do affiliate marketing on the side. Maybe you’ll take the challenge head-first and turn it into your main source of income. Or maybe you’ll do a combination effect on building your business using your existing job, affiliate marketing, and a bit of freelancing. That’s what makes this industry so great – anyone can jump in, carve out a niche, and explore new possibilities.

If you hit your mark to just “walk away”, what would define your success?

What are your personal goals that reinforce your success? How would you live your life after reaching this personal goal? We’d like to hear it. Please post a comment below and let’s start the discussion.