Affiliate marketing is not all about digital products, e-books, and software. As it turns out, there’s a lot of successful affiliate programs revolving around physical business to business products.

Businesses having a presence in the offline world usually need a lot of equipment and other items, like forms, labels, business cards, binders, or shopping bags. That’s why we’ve decided to review, one of the leaders in that space.

Commissions Paid

At you can get even up to 30% commissions, but it all depends on the product/brand you promote. Here’s how it plays out:

  • Shop Deluxe – up to 30% commission.
  • Bags & Bows – 15% commission.
  • PsPrint – 15% commission.
  • LogoMojo – 18% commission.
  • Easy Contact – $2.50 payout for the free trial and $45 payout for paid services.

Earnings Per Click is one of the few programs that share their earnings per click openly with the public. EPC also depends on the products (brands) you promote. The following presents estimated earnings per 100 clicks.

  • Shop Deluxe – $161 EPC.
  • Bags & Bows – $255 EPC.
  • PsPrint – $270 EPC.
  • LogoMojo – $62 EPC.
  • Easy Contact – $46 EPC.

Category and Products is all about providing B2B products and services. Essentially, they offer everything a business might need to run their day by day operations.

Among the products, customers can find things like: checks and business products (e.g. file folders, forms, labels, key tags, shopping bags), print marketing (e.g. business cards, holiday cards, report covers), promotional products (e.g. shirts, calendars, mugs, kitchen accessories).

Customer Support

There’s a whole customer service platform available at Customers can easily contact the crew, and get answers to the most common questions.

The Good has a really extraordinary offer, which makes it a go-to place for this kind of B2B products. Also, the presence of their five main brands (mentioned above) allows you to earn different commissions depending on who you’re working with.

Speaking of commissions, they are worth noticing here too. As much as 20-30% on physical products is always a great deal to affiliates.

The Bad

The only serious downside we can find isn’t even in the products, but in the niche itself. Targeting businesses as opposed to private customers can be difficult as there’s no 100% sure way of telling them apart. It may just happen that some of your referred visitors simply won’t be able to place an order.

The Bottom Line

Overall, this seems like a great program for affiliates who have some experience in the B2B space, and know how to make their campaigns profitable (and where to run them).

One more advantage of working with is that they publish a set of best practices for affiliates. This allows you to learn from what others are doing, and not have to test everything from the ground up on your own.