The big bucks are in the big markets but there’s still incredible potential, for earnings, when you niche down and capture a smaller segment. What we’re dealing with here is the difference between mass desires vs. niche interests; both can be profitable but both carry a different kind of competition, community, and approach.

Mass Desire

“Mass desire” interests and industries are those that everyone has some kind of attunement; these items can be anything from wanting to go on a diet to celebrity gossip and more. Generally speaking, what you see in the mainstream market is mass desire.

There’s a reason why these markets are so valuable: it’s that they have the most potential for earnings.

A major industry, such as dieting, pulls in billions of dollars for companies, marketers, and individuals. The overall appeal is that people want to be healthy and realize that it takes money to burn away the weight and get active.

Mass desire industries don’t stop at personal gain, they can be seen as a desire for gadgets, new cards, housing, entertainment, and any other thing that’s popular and in demand.

For you, the marketer, competition will be tough but the sheer sizes of these markets give you enough “room” to play. You may not necessarily become the next Apple but you could certainly make a dent in your local area (and make quite a pretty penny while you’re at it).

Niche Markets

The flip side is the niche market which is basically inhabited by the nerds and geeks. Nerds and geeks, in this example, follow the classic idea about someone that’s highly interested within a topic or interest well beyond that which is found in the mainstream. For example, you have someone that buys computers and others that builds them.

Don’t let them fool you, niche markets are extremely profitable. Why? Mainly because the people interested in these smaller niches are generally more passionate and feel they’re part of a smaller, tight-knit community so they feel compelled to buy the latest gadget or become an early adopter.

Sure, you may not have millions of eyeballs on your business in the mass desire industries but you’ll have thousands of highly engaged individuals that keep coming back for more – they’re not a “one and done” type of crowd.

Finding the Perfect Offer

So, how do you make everything fit together, in a neat package, for your affiliate business?

You already have the answer: do a bit of both!

People within the niche markets already know what they’re looking for; generally, it’s less about converting these individuals as it’s more gaining their attention and delivering value that isn’t found elsewhere.

The people coming from the mass desire markets need to be educated and coerced into the niche industries because sometimes they simply don’t know about how deep into the rabbit hole they can go; your job hear is to, again, educate them but also keep their comfort level intact in case they don’t want to join the sub-cultures around the interests.

Suggestion? Build your affiliate business around the niche industries but keep mass desire offers on the table; aim to pull in the early adopters and passionate individuals’ all-the-while converting people from the mainstream into these smaller communities. This approach will create an endless cycle of engaged followers and prevent the wild spikes that come from the mainstream market.

Who are you going after?