The difference between direct linking and using a landing page can be the difference between a successful and failed landing campaign. Many people like to think of direct linking as the “standard” and “average” way to convert a lead on an offer, while having a landing page is your way of increasing or decreasing your overall conversion rate.

Here’s what we know about direct linking:

  • It’s easy, and no need for building ad copy or landing page
  • Everyone is going to see the same page
  • Easy to get an idea of direct linking converts in small test
  • Not all traffic sources accept direct linking

Now let’s run through what we know about landing pages:

  • Customize and built for any niche traffic
  • A great way to pre qualify traffic
  • Can be built around any traffic source
  • Ability to collect email/info before lead takes place

As you can see, in a side by side comparison, the use of landing pages seems to have many more advantages to direct linking. The reason direct linking gets so much love by new and lazy affiliates, is just that… its the lazy way to create ad campaigns.

Landing pages take time to build and affiliate marketers are often in a rush to make quick money and sometimes don’t take the time to actually build out long term and successful ad campaigns, which hurts them in the end.

So, when should you be using a landing page?

First of all, it’s always a great idea to split test your traffic with direct linking and your own landing pages. Sometimes direct linking will work fine, but it’s always great to have numbers to back it up.

Here are a few occasions when a landing page is a must have:

  • Social Networks – Not only will some social networks not approve direct linking, but landing pages can be specifically built for any niche /demographic you can think of.
  • Time Sensitive Events – Through the use of a countdown clock or an upcoming event, you can call more attention and exclusivity to your end offer.
  • Pre Qualifying Your Traffic – If you are offering a free trial or limited time offer, by pre qualifying your traffic you are not only increasing your chances for a higher conversion rate, but also making your visitor want to take immediate action.
  • Geo Targeting Users – This is a huge way to increase conversions on dating landing pages. By showing results for people (or anything) in your area, you are grabbing the user’s attention and keeping them interested.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why building a landing page around your ad campaigns can bring increased conversions. Before starting a new ad campaign and throwing up a bunch of direct linked offers, think about how you can build landing pages to draw more attention and exclusivity to these offers and how your visitors are going to perceive these pages.

If you are completely new to the concept of creating landing page, it’s quite easy to get started. There are plenty of free landing page templates floating around affiliate marketing blogs and resource sites. Another option is to find low cost landing page scripts or wordpress themes that make it easy to quickly create landing pages and allow you to compare results.

Remember, it’s all about grabbing the user’s attention and playing to their interests and needs. This is why landing pages are so effective when used correctly.

This Post was written by Zac Johnson

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