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Self Help Development

Earn 50% Per Sale.

Self Help Development Provides Training Guides And Courses Designed To Help you Improve Your Lifestyle In A Variety Of Ways. Reading, Audio Easy Listening, And Video Courses Available.

The Aumara Light & Healing Circle

Owners of spiritual websites prefer to advertise and affiliate with sites of a similar nature. Below you will find a wide choice of such programs. Each program has been checked by us and found valuable. Programs which in our opinion do not serve spiritual development and growth (e.g. Psychic 900...

Spiritual Cinema Circle

There are plenty of wonderful movies being made — movies with thought-provoking, compassionate stories — but they almost never make their way to local theaters. Spiritual Cinema Circle gives these unique films a "theater", right in customer's own homes.

The Soul Journey

Refer our site and programs to others and we will reward you when the people you refer to us buy any of the products on The Soul Journey site. With over 30 years of study, counseling and teaching, Andrew Schneider has acquired a depth of understanding of soul consciousness that is rarely...