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8 Results Found, the largest merchant cash advance company in the world, invites you to join our affiliate program. We provide you with trackable banner ads and text links to generate leads from your website, and pay you for every valid lead. Joining is simple. Click for more details.

Auto Credit Express

Auto Credit Express has designed an auto loan affiliate program that gives you more opportunities to earn money, and we will provide you with all resources that you need to become a successful auto loan affiliate.


Welcome to the NextStudent Affiliate Program – one of the easiest and most lucrative lead-generation and partner programs on the Web.

Payday Loan

Become a member of our Affiliate Program, and offer your visitors a guaranteed paycheck advancement of up to $500. Joining the affiliate program is free and you'll earn commissions on every funded loan ($50 on cash advancements between $150-$300 AND $75 on cash advancements between $301-$500),...

PayDay One

PayDay One has been a leading provider of payday loans over the Internet since 2002. Our company was founded with one goal; to be the most consumer-friendly lender in the industry. For our customers, that means guaranteed prices, a fast

Cash Doctors

Cash Doctors offers fast, online, Australian payday cash loans and great check cashing services for whatever you need. It's dead easy. Apply online, collect the cash now and pay later at a fixed, low rate. Cash Doctors has instant money

No Credit Score Loans

Unsecured Loans that do not require the applicant to be credit checked. This means that people who have poor credit histories or no credit history can still get the finance they need.The two-tier affiliate program pays £3 per lead, £10

Payday Cash Loan Provider

A MonetizeIt EXCLUSIVE! Cash Loan Provider allows a consumer to apply for a short term cash loan with direct access to multiple lenders providing a real-time approval decision within seconds! Conversion Point: 2nd page Distributional Methods Allowed: Email, Banners and Search Traffic