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The Credit Card Affiliate Program is an easy way to generate additional revenue while adding real value to your website, mailing list or paid search campaigns. Everyone needs a credit card these days and we have credit cards available from all of the major credit card issuers...

Credit Card Broker

Credit Card Affiliate Marketing is a modern marketing concept and a good way to make money promoting credit cards on the web. Any person, website owner, or business who markets and promotes credit cards on the web is popularly known as a “credit card broker” or credit card affiliate...


As an affiliate of MBNA, you can link your website to ours and earn money whenever your customers apply for a credit card through our website. Our commission system works on a cost-per-click, cost-per-submit and cost-per-account basis and will vary by affiliate.

Forex Trading System

Our Forex affiliate program is easy to use, transparent and you can make thousands of dollars every month. Every time you sell one of our Forex trading systems, we will pay you up to 259.00 USD in commission per sale!

Affiliate Yard

FOREXYARD is acutely aware of the benefits of working with affiliate partners, who can create sites/portals and direct large volumes of traffic to our site. Affiliates have the experience and know-how needed to achieve this, and so we pay generously for your efforts, be it CPA, Revenue share or...


ReferForex is a in-house affiliate program for the Forex industry. Our partners, earn money for referring customers to our currency trading sites: and whose critically acclaimed trading platforms have won multiple awards.

Real Estate Promo

Cash In On The Best-Selling Real Estate Investing Products and Earn Big-Time Commissions Every Month!

Sector Timing Report

If you have a website you can earn money partnering with us to promote our Sector Timing Report newsletter subscriptions. We especially like to partner with websites that have a customer profile interested in personal finance, investing, stock trading and the stock market, or even with websites...

Sterling Investments

Sterling Investment Services offers its Affiliate Program through the services of Plug'n Pay Technologies to provide an easy to use and fully automated referral program to allow your web site to earn extra income by placing Sterling Investment banners on your site and direct potential...

Auto Credit Express

Auto Credit Express has designed an auto loan affiliate program that gives you more opportunities to earn money, and we will provide you with all resources that you need to become a successful auto loan affiliate.