Domaining is sort of a blanket term for what you can do when you own a domain name.

There are plenty of opportunities to earn a bit of side income.

For some this type of business is their front-and-center earning thousands each month.

There’s a lot of risk and reward involved.

I can’t say that I’m too versed in the world of domaining but I believe I can give you an overview and where to get a start with this form of being a “digital landlord”.

The Why and How of Domaining

Domains cost money to retain each and every year so you may wonder why someone would sit on them for such a long amount of time if they’re constantly ticked for payments.

Well – there’s lots of money to be made with them.

Flipping Domains

Domain names can fetch some pretty serious cash.

Factors for their increase could be:

  • A very targeted term that is now building buzz
  • A new industry that is finally reaching maturity
  • A business wanting to rebrand

Sometimes you’ll see those domain squatting on terms that are expected to become commonplace due to buzzwords and leveraging trends. Other times it may just be a typo in the domain which pulls in direct traffic.

A memorable domain name is also likely to catch attention – especially from tech startups.

Whatever you choose you have to remember that you need to build a decent sized portfolio because there are many you may sit on for years on end.

More info:

Redirects & Referrals

Let’s suppose you have a portfolio of domains that’s starting to bring in a nice amount of type-in traffic.

This is the traffic which someone may have misspelt or didn’t realize their real destination had an extra set of verbiage. Typo traffic.

Well – that traffic needs to go somewhere and if they back out than you’re not doing much with that domain.

A few ideas for using these types of domains in the portfolio include:

  • Redirecting the domain to the real site (for a nominal fee)
  • Work with a parking company offers tools and resources for monetization
  • Redirect the visitor to marketplaces to purchase the domain (affiliate)
  • Work with a competitor and redirect to theirs instead – for a small fee
  • Display ads or additional search queries

Perhaps the best from this list, in my book, would be sending individuals to domain registrar websites to inquire about the website. Even if they don’t make the purchase of yours – you still have the cookie on their end so if they buy something else you’ll get a commission.

Blog Portfolio

Use tools like Alexa or to look through expired domains that may be up for sale.

Pay particular attention to those that are very aged and have already developed many backlinks.

Purchase these domains and include them as part of your private blog network which you could use to bolster your rankings for other websites largely in part of its PageRank and authority.

A Word of Warning

Domaining takes some big bucks and a lot of patience to go through all the listings in order to find the valuable gems. You may amass hundreds of domain which do nothing but burn your income. Others may be a gold mine.

It’s a really risky business and probably not one you should start with when you’re first making a leap into online business. Let it be something that grows and becomes part of your portfolio as you go.

Play the role of the digital landlord and you’ll be pulling in the money while you sit back at the office, counting the dollars, and keeping things in check.