Guest posting is a great way to share your expertise while simultaneously building links back to your website which results in higher search rankings and conversions.

The idea of guest posting has been around for quite some time, now, but it’s very easy to see many website owners failing to take full advantage of the act especially because they often do so with a “hit and run” mentality.

The purpose of this post is to share some of the insights about how to make the most from your guest blogging efforts and ways to double the effectiveness of the post so that you can increase your traffic and, ultimately, your conversions.

The following are some of the main elements you should keep in consideration whenever you’re conducting a guest post:

  • Know the audience – First off, you should spend at least an hour or two browsing through the archives of the website in which you hope to pitch a guest post. You should take notes about what type of content their community enjoys, what gets them into a discussion, what’s popular, what’s controversial, and what the site owner seeks when accepting guest posts. Do this and you’ll go into the content creation with a sound mind about how to reach their audience with maximum exposure and increase the chances that it will be shared (along with readers coming back to your website).
  • Stay relevant (for both sites) – A common mistake one makes when doing guest posting is that they’ll either cater the post to the site but link back to something irrelevant or vice versa. The best approach to guest posting, to maximize its potential, is to find those blogs and websites that are within your niche but also that you cater your content to compliment what you have to offer if/when individuals come back to your site. For this scenario, you should, again, use your knowledge of the community and website to touch upon relevant topics that not only work well on the guest blog destination but also doing so in a way that you can easily bridge the content back to what you have to offer without creating a mental disrupt.
  • Utilize specific landing pages – A powerful way to get the most from guest posting is to take the additional time to craft landing pages that are specific to your target; the best way to do this is to utilize the tone and authority that’s displayed on the destination site and replicate it on your landing page. For example, if you posted on a marketing blog than you could send individuals back to a landing page that reads “Welcome [website] visitors”, and proceed to push individuals toward your email list using copywriting that’s recognizable to that community. Additionally, you can add in other elements such as recommended reading that’s specific to the content that they love back on the original website. All of this will hook them into your website because it gives them a great starting point rather than dumping them to the front page which can be somewhat confusing and intimidating.

In all, you can either do the one-off guest post where you rarely do the additional work of promotion, interlinking, and networking (with the site owner) or you could do it right and get the most from your efforts. Just these three elements is really all you need to keep focus upon to do it right.