We’ve all heard the general drab about building backlinks, creating content, and using social media but if these items aren’t getting you to your traffic goals than what else is there to do? In this article, I’ll be sharing a variety of alternative online marketing methods that may teeter you beyond the “slump” and catapult you into a whole new level of website traffic.

7 Alternative Online Marketing Methods (You Need to Implement)

In no particular order (yet all sharing the same incredible benefits):

  • In-Depth Product Reviews. Don’t just pass off a short 600 word article as a product review. No, go the extra mile by creating the most in-depth report you can muster about the products you promote. Create tutorial videos for its usage, cover each of the benefits and features, record podcasts with the creators, write a through review that can be formed into a downloadable. In short, make your product review the definitive source for product information – this shoots you to the top of search engines, increases your website traffic, and quickly turns into massive commissions.
  • Deep Forum Participation. We all know forums can be great for building backlinks but you can take this method a step further by embedding yourself within the very core of the forum. In time, with your participation, you may be given an opportunity to moderate the forum or build entire sections due to your dedication – take advantage of the opportunity. Moderators, board creators, or even developing your own forum will have monumental effects on your traffic due to trust build over the years, branding, and a natural link building progress with each new topic.
  • Article Syndication. Forget 1-1 article marketing (publishing one article to one directory at a time) and focus on big actions through syndication. Write an article originally for your website, upload it to multiple article directories, turn it into an ebook and share it on ebook websites, share each link on social bookmarking websites, package the article into a download for P2P sites. Find every possible channel for distribution and have your article represented.
  • Guerilla Marketing. Take a departure from the average traffic generation method by going underground and build website traffic through guerilla marketing such as getting in front of live, streaming news stations with your website URL, hijack product launches, mass distribute business cards and flyers, hold meetups, get in touch with local businesses, or pull off a publicity stunt. People buzz about the unexpected – hit ’em with it and you’ll see the traffic soar.
  • Definitive Buying Guides. Use the strategy detailed in the product review method but claim your place as the definitive source for the industry by creating a buyers guide and tout it everywhere you go. Become the Kelly Blue Book for your industry; a reference guide used by thousands of people and consumers when purchasing products. Put as much effort into creating your timely guide as you would a product.
  • Niche Websites & Directories. Radiate from your core and begin creating micro & niche websites to cover specific items within your industry such as news, new product releases, interviews, tutorials, and much more. Treat them like smaller hubs of the bigger picture offers on your main website. Interlink a few of them (creating a web), but also rely heavily on branding. Give people alternative sources for finding your offerings by being present in every subject within your industry.
  • Multimedia Production. Break from the comfortable position of writing articles for the web and step into the world of multimedia production. Invest in video cameras, microphones, green screens, and other equipment to treat your affiliate marketing work like a full-time production company. Create irresistible content across all mediums including YouTube, iTunes, Amazon Kindle, Pinterest, and other major websites. Be the person that creates a media empire and your reach will grow so massive that it builds organic, direct, and long-term traffic.

Not to be taken lightly, these methods are certainly long-term projects but their ability to create compound traffic growth is well worth the investment of your resources. Start by implementing just one of these into your affiliate marketing business and you will surely see ultimate grow.

What alternative methods do you use for building traffic?