Local Meetups

Have you ever been in a social situation and felt the urge to talk about affiliate marketing?

Not in a weird “Oh I’ve got this amazing business opportunity for you!” MLM type of way…

…but where you’re sharing tips and tricks that could help someone earn a few extra bucks.


Helping them find better deals — to which you’d get a little kick back (like a finders fee) by sending them through your affiliate link.

Check this out…


The Scenario

Q: What is something everyone wants, for business, but not all have the knowledge to get it started?

A: A website.

When building a website there are many opportunities to earn an affiliate commission:

  • Web hosting (often $100+ per referral)
  • Website themes (often $20 – $100 per purchase)
  • Domain names ($10 – $20 depending on provider)
  • eCommerce solutions ($variable depending on service)
  • Email marketing ($10 – $20 (often per month) depending on service)

Guiding just one individual through the basics of setting up a website can net you hundreds of dollars in affiliate commissions.

Now imagine a dozen individuals completing the process when you hold local meetups.

Here’s a scenario:

John has built multiple websites for various projects in his affiliate marketing business.

His knowledge of web development gives him the chance to tutor others in this process.

He decides to host a local, monthly meet up for about 10 people that will take newcomers through the process of building their website.

Attendees bring their own laptops.

John uses a projector to share each of the steps for building a website in real time while answering questions from the attendees. Each time a new item is needed in this development John points them to a resource page which includes a tutorial and affiliate link. This small environment lets John gets hands-on with the attendees and it also allows them to share ideas and suggestions for their projects.

The following months John introduces new strategies for growing their business and along with those strategies are products and services to which he’s affiliated.

In the end, everyone wins since they’re now online with their website and John has been earning a healthy set of commissions for his recommendations and tutoring.

The concept really lets you get face-to-face with your community and it encourages them to keep coming back because it’s forming a club.

You can create a steady stream of income by hosting two or three meetups for different groups each month.

All that’s required is a commitment to find people that need to get a start, deliver them a great tutorial and set of resources, and provide a support structure as they continue to learn.


The Take-Away

I’ll go out on a limb and say that you’re more than versed in your main topics for your affiliate business.

This gives you a great edge in the local market since you can take that knowledge and expertise and apply it to tutoring others around your neighborhood.

To conclude – try the following:

1. Gather your best resources for an in-demand topic (ebooks, guides, blog posts, etc).

2. Start making the rounds alerting people about a new meet up in the area for this topic (you can use Facebook, flyers, Meetup.com, or other local portals).

3. Setup a small environment where you can work with each attendee to complete a process which includes them subscribing or purchasing an offer to which you’re affiliated.

4. Divide the sessions based on basic, intermediate, and advanced tutorials to give the ability to do these meetups regularly.

5. Educate and encourage each attendee to help one another in promoting the projects and give them the needed resources to grow their business.

Sitting down with the locals, showing them the process (in a hands-on type of way), offering recommendations, and making this a regular event will introduce a new revenue stream for the business.


Build a network which can aid one another in successfully growing their business.

You can do this. It’s very easy. A hungry market is there. Leverage your knowledge and expertise.