Every week, month, and year you have an opportunity to earn an easy affiliate income.

People about to make a purchase (or those simply window shopping) like to get an idea of what’s available in the market. They don’t have time to sort through thousands of listings because they’re short on time and don’t want to make the wrong choice.

Because of this – it’s common to see a top list which collects the best of the best in easy, bite sized chunks. These are great for people because it lets them get the gist of what’s out there and receive a few recommendations to boot.

In terms of making easy affiliate money – lists are the best. Here is what I’d recommend you do with creating these items.

The Scenario

Q: What’s the easiest way to share product recommendations?

A: Put together a best (or worse) list.

Creating these lists are very easy to create and you can do them as frequently as needed. You could publish one each week if your industry is constantly releasing new products and services or hold off and do them as an end-of-the-year wrap up.

The best lists are ones likely to make you money but worst lists are just as important because they help establish your credibility. If you were to give praise to every offer you would eventually seem like you’re just trying to push crappy products. Having a worst list helps visitors avoid the bad and direct them to the better options which are included on your best list.

Here’s a scenario:

John operates a website dedicated to mobile video games. The normal array of blog posts he publishes are either reviews for new games that have launched or keeping up-to-date with news and interviews with the developers.

John decided the best way to monetize his website (besides reviews) is to condense what’s happening, each week, into a best and worst list. In this list he shares his recommendations for the latest games that have received high praise while also covering the games that aren’t worth the money.

Because John is creating these lists he is often approached by developers. When the developers get in touch he creates a relationship which allows him to conduct interviews and offer exclusive previews and discounts for his readers. Those on the worst list also chime in and begin to set things right which is a win/win for the community, as a whole.

By doing these types of lists you are building your credibility and ability to get in touch with the product/service developers. From there you will find additional opportunities whether it’s obtaining items, for free, which you could use in a promotion or being mentioned on their mailing list.

Note: This is something I have actually done. I operated a gaming website some years ago and because I was covering companies that barely got mentioned they often gave me exclusive access to their games which helped build content which couldn’t be found on other websites. Due to this – traffic spiked incredibly high when the content was release AND they would link to the post on their site.

The Takeaway

I bet you can tell where I’m going with this.

After all, a list is a list.

However, it’s how you make the list that really allows you to get the most from this technique.

Here is what I would recommend:

1. Write a loose script for the items you plan to cover. Be sure to focus on the benefits and drawbacks rather than just the specifications and features. Theme this around the topic of your list whether it’s the best of the week or a complete wrap up for the entire year.

2. Setup a video camera (or your cell phone) focused at a wall in your office to ensure your video will have a clean look. Do a practice round and go through your list. Then, do a second take where you put all your effort into sharing your experiences and thoughts about the products while peppering in call-to-actions for the product/service which you mention via short link.

3. Edit and produce this video which can be uploaded to YouTube, reused as a webinar, and embedded onto your website as part of the overall post. While you’re at it – hire a freelancer to transcribe the audio which can become written content. Consider, also, cutting the audio and producing it as part of a podcast (if you’re producing one).

4. Publish these items on a regular basis and be sure to include additional, full-length reviews for each of the products that make the list. Ask for feedback from your community and what they would like to see in the next set of videos. This will give you new products/services to review that they may already have been eyeballing which ultimately means your recommendation could lead to the sale.

The lists you created, more often than not, are probably ones you’re already accustomed to creating. The difference, in this situation, is that you’re taking the extra step to get in front of the camera and give it a real feeling rather than just some top 10 rambling off on just another website.

Over time, when you’re branding these videos, you’ll gain a following. People want to see what you have to say about the products/services in the industry. Once you build that trust you will find it easier to convert views (and readers) on the recommendations.

In just an hour or two of your time (minus editing and uploading) you can create great, profitable content for your website. Eventually you’ll get into the flow of things. You’ll find these to be one of the easiest ways to increase your affiliate income. Don’t be shy – give it a try.