Amazon Associates is the affiliate platform for the largest online shopping portal: Amazon.

The program is free to join and gives you access to millions of products – if you’ve shopped through Amazon, before, than you already know the amount of choices to be had. As an affiliate, this becomes extremely beneficial because you do not necessarily need to sell a product, directly, because you will earn the sale if they got through your link.

The affiliate “window” lasts just 24 hours but a majority of those going to Amazon convert; you’re essentially piggy-backing off this massive, refined shopping portal to make a few bucks.

Perhaps the best part of using the Amazon Associates program is that you can inject into your current business – you can use it in a variety of ways such as cross-promotion, reviewing, and more.

Have a look at the following three ways we’d recommend for using the program:

1. Be a “Source” for Family & Friends

Have you ever found yourself getting asked to fix computers or to show how to do something, online, because you’re “the smart computer person” of your circle of friends and family?

There are plenty of moments when friends and family seek products, online, which mean they’re already in the buying “mode”; all that’s required to gain a quick win as an affiliate is to provide them with the best deals on the Amazon platform to which you’ll earn a commission.

Not everyone you know has the tech skills to navigate the Web in a proficient manner but you can step in and provide helpful suggestions when they’re ready to begin buying. You essentially become a “source” of great deals for family and friends – just let them know you can help and you’ll get a small kickback for your efforts. Easy, right?

2. Do a “State of the Industry” Product Guide

We’re all aware of the rewards associated with building an email list through a freebie such as ebook but over time the information will go stale if you’re not updating it year after year, and eventually the freebie won’t be enticing enough for people to join that email list.

The alternative route for this type of action is to leverage your authority and create industry reports to match the year – and then give it away as a direct download on your website and by distributing it on document sharing websites. In this method you’re essentially creating a big round-up of the products, services, and information that has defined the industry/niche.

Example: Imagine you’re in the cycling niche and put out a guide to purchasing bikes, maintenance, and a collection of helpful tips for bike owners. The entire section of bike suggestions could go through your Amazon Associates link and the helpful information could also inject links. In total, it’s a definitive piece of work that has full utilization of affiliate links which can be updated each year with newer models and information which keeps it fresh and relevant.

3. Leverage the Reviews in Your Work

If you were to set out to review all the major products that fit your niche – you’re going to spend a whole lot of time and a whole lot of money – something you may not have freely available.

A nice alternative is to utilize the existing reviews already found on the product pages.

Two quick benefits you’ll find through this:

  • The reviews are written by the product owners so it feels very natural and organic
  • You can link through the review and get the Amazon cookie which could become a sale

What you could do is write a tutorial, round-up, or some kind of piece that catches the reader’s interest and then use the reviews within strategic areas of the post, when mentioning a product, to buffer out the information; this helps give the reader a firm understanding of the product, mentioned, and can be tweaked/updated whenever you need to keep the content fresh.

In all, whatever allows you to add in Amazon links should be explored. Most of the time you don’t even need to push a product all that hard because a good amount of people end up purchasing something while they’re on Amazon which means you still gain the commission. Implement as many ways to earn through Associates and you’ll see that profit grow.