More rest, less carpal tunnel. Sounds good!

You probably don’t need to be told this but content is the key to long-term success with the web; content is the sole reason why people visit your website in the first place.

But what happens when you’re getting behind on work and need to push out something new to your audience?

In the following section, you’ll learn about a multitude of easy ways to get new content to your website by barely lifting a finger:

  • Get the users involved. Try getting your website users into the fold by allowing them to submit questions, guest posts, or other forms of media to your website and republish each piece (with proper attribution to the creator). Add social layers to your existing site such as a “submit a tip” form, contact page specific to guest posting, or even a page where users can upload documents and media.
  • Pull from RSS feeds. You may not want to go full auto-blog but there are times when pulling RSS feeds can be extremely helpful in building a “meatier” website. There are many software tools that allow you to pull RSS feeds from other websites and republish snippets (or the full post) on your website. Another alternative is to have a news aggregator which helps others get found but also add more bulk to your website (and to keep users on your site longer).
  • Grab quotes and suggestions. Use your social media outlets as a way to pull quotes and great snippets of information from your followers and other important people you follow. You can use these quotes as a basis of a new post idea or you could even use what they say as the entire idea of the article (such as with a list post). Just make sure you attribute the author (which may ultimately entice them to re-share the new post you’ve created – more traffic!).
  • One question, multiple answers. Find a topic that’s hot right now and form it into a question that people have been asking. Pull from a variety of sources such as Yahoo Answers to fill in a large portion of your article. Add a bit of your own answer and maybe even ask your social media community to contribute – easy content right there.
  • Summarize the news. News is always content that people get talking about – especially when it strikes a nerve. There are news sites for just about every industry. Do a quick Google search and find the most reputable new sources for your niche and begin creating summaries of the article and attach the main points within your post. People will get talking.

Content doesn’t have to be difficult. As you can see, these strategies are an easy fix for when you’re getting behind on content creation – use them to your advantage!