In this fast moving century, it’s extremely essential to implement search tools that help you simplify your daily routine work.

Social media marketing commonly refers to earning good reputation via media, and is all about attracting and involving maximum masses for your brand. It means marketing and communication is now a daily activity where your pages are updated frequently. To make this task a piece of cake for you, tools have been designed to simplify any sort any of this work for you. Below are five tools that are commonly used to simplify your social media marketing:

Word Press

Most preferred tool is WordPress. It undoubtedly helps you to construct a strong website/blog. These websites can even form basis of other small networking system. It is perfectly handy tool for small business. It helps you in blogging, media marketing.

Google Reader

Next is the Google Reader. To keep your responses updated and to the precise information, you need to have strong source of knowledge. Google reader helps you to simplify your social media marketing by providing you with proper, authentic information. A reliable source having details about every major to minor topics, People around the world have been relying on it and carrying out their professional work on regular basis. When it comes to information, users are sure that Google reader will never let them down.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is the third option to preserve your social media marketing business. It helps you to recognize your business or brand names, where ever used and in return inform you through mail or notifications, i.e. “alerts”. It minimizes your work to the minimum. It saves plenty of your time and effort. You can easily adjust it according to your settings. It is a free tool available for anyone’s and any type of work.


The fourth equipment to simplify your social media marketing is Crowdbooster. Crowdbooster helps you to maintain your social networking sites. The most difficult work is accomplished easily in front of you. It greatly saves your time and un-needed effort. You Facebook and Twitter will always remain managed. Crowdbooster will even help you to post materials at the best appropriate time. It feeds you with all the information related to your consumers, fans, supporters and followers. It shows up the best alerts to remind you with the pending work.


Buffer is the last tool in the top 5 list of the tools to simplify the social media marketing. It helps you to work best with the social media management. Buffer can be referred to as a reminder tool that helps you with the simplest of the object concerning social network. They assist you as when to update the posts, reply and increase the demand. With Buffer your work is just clicks away from you.

These are experienced top 5 tools to simplify your social media marketing. They are all designed to be your best business partners and assist you in your daily or weekly tasks.

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