This last month I decided to clean out some of my closet and list a bunch of items on Ebay. It was the first time I had sold stuff on Ebay in quite a few years but I found the process to be easier than ever.

One thing that crossed my mind only after I had everything shipped was opportunities to earn a little extra money through pairing something of value with each order. The item would have the intention to send people to a landing page which had affiliate offers.

I went ahead and explored the idea for the next time I plan on selling through Ebay and figured I’d share what I came up with in the meantime so if you do use this marketplace you can earn a little extra.


The Ebay Affiliate Program

Let’s say you just sold a PC video game that supports gamepad controls. When you’re talking with the individual or including the invoice you could make a note about how the game feels with the controller versus the normal mouse and keyboard. This additional information could pique their interest and they may go back to Ebay to look around at deals on a gamepad.

This is where you slip in the affiliate promotion…

You sign up for the Ebay affiliate program and make a list of gamepads you believe would be the best bang for the buck for this individual. You have done the research for them so now it’s just a matter of them deciding on whether to make that purchase. If they do purchase one of those affiliated items then you are going to make a commission.

Exercise: Think of complimentary products that could go with an item you are selling on Ebay and see if you could write out a list of recommendations for your buyers.

The Thank You Letter

When I was getting everything ready to ship I printed out the default invoice and would write a small thank you on it – it’s quick, easy, and maybe it’ll help them decide on whether they’ll rate me as a seller since it’s personal.

To go one step further you could write out a full thank you letter (by hand to add personality) that could be included with the shipment. There’s a chance they may toss it to the side but since it’s personal they may take that time to read through it. The letter adds a personal touch to the transaction and also gives you an opportunity to promote an affiliate product or service.

In that thank you letter you could talk about your experience with the product, how happy you are that they made the purchase, that you’re thrilled they will get value out of it, and then make a recommendation to something that could further add value to the purchase (kind of like what I talked about in the section above).

Here you could recommend a link that drives people to a landing page for a product that gives them the maximum value for what they’ve just purchase. For example, if they bought a set of weights you could talk about how you used them for a particular weight training program and include that link (which is actually your affiliate link) and have a chance at them making that purchase. It’s very low-key because it’s paired so well with what you just sold them.

Exercise: Go check out the marketplaces to see if there are products that add value to the ones you are selling through Ebay. Sign up and become an affiliate for them. Consider having a small chat with the person asking what they plan to do with the item and then use that information to form your thank you letter so it hits home for them.

A Handy Informational Guide

If you really want to step up your game you could spend a few hours creating something unique just for the item you have sold such as a small instructional guide. If you happen to sell the same item frequently than, in a way, you are attaching your brand to the product, too, and bringing up a chance to convert people on affiliate recommendations through the work.

Let’s say, for example, I was selling whiteboards through Ebay. I could take a part of my day to write a small ebook on something like “How to be productive with a whiteboard”. The work is an added bonus they weren’t expecting and aligns with what they (probably) are trying to do with it anyway. In this work I could recommend other affiliate products on productivity, time management, and motivation embedded within the tips and strategies of the work.

Exercise: Look at what you sell frequently and see if you can create a small guide (cold be 1-2,000 words) about getting the most out of it then plunk in affiliate offers that act as additional resources to the person can gain the most from the product.


When you’re selling on Ebay you’re usually trying to sell and ship quick. You want the stuff gone, you want your money, and you don’t want hassles. By trying to do all this so rapidly you short yourself from these affiliate opportunities as I’ve mentioned in the post.

By providing that additional value to the purchase you’ve locked that person into a wonderful shopping experience and with that glowing feeling they may go ahead and explore those offers you’ve included.

Next time you gather up a few items to list come back to this post and think about whether you would like to include one (or all) of these items into the mix.

Give it a try and see if it works for you.


Image by Maky_Orel