Productivity and motivation go hand-in-hand.

It’s up to you whether you’ll complete the tasks required to grow your business.

Yes, you may have a full 8 hours to knock down your to-do list but why spend all of it if you could do so in half the time?

There are, however, many tools that will aid in your ability to track time, focus you during the content creation process, and force you to be effective with your tasks.

The following is a hand selection of productivity tools that will do wonders for getting things done.


Yast is an amazing application that tracks your time.

Time tracking is vital for staying productive because it allows you to understand where your time goes when you’re working (or not). Understanding what’s eating at your time or how much you’re spending on a particular task can allow you to tweak your workflow to get more done.

Yast has a great set of features, too:

  • Simple clicks to start and stop your tracking
  • Color-coded timeline to keep track of what projects and tasks you’re doing, at a glance
  • Adding notes
  • Tracking other team members
  • A mobile version (which can also track the time you spend on calls)

The learning curve for implementing a tool like Yast may take you a day but it’ll be well worth the time especially if it aids your ability to effectively manage your time and tasks.

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WriteMonkey is a minimalist program to keep you zoned in while writing.

The interface is stripped to the bare essentials but don’t let it fool you because there are many things under the hood, such as:

  • Corkboards to capture notes an ideas
  • Quick search
  • A Pomodoro timer
  • Clipboard for multiple copy, cut, and pastes
  • Built-in thesaurus

Overall, it’s meant to help cut out the distractions while you’re creating content. Combine this tool with the willpower to avoid hopping over to distracting websites and I’m sure you’ll get a whole lot done.

Learn more: WriteMonkey


I found FocusBooster a while back and it’s been one of the staple tools to aid in productivity.

The app is very simple in nature and highly effective for its purpose:

  • It’s based on the Pomodoro technique whereas you work in spurts then take a short break
  • It’s light-weight, configurable, and doesn’t become distracting

Once installed, all you need to do is let it run and go about your work. When it gives you an alert you should stop what you’re doing and take a break within the allotted time.

The ability to configure the app helps if you’re the type that wants longer (or shorter) stretches of work or if you need different lengths of time for your break.

Overall, it’s a wonderful, free tool that will greatly improve your productivity throughout the day.

Learn more: FocusBooster

But there are only 3 tools?!

The point of using a productivity tool is to be productive … not distracted by trying out a laundry list of tools mentioned in big, long list posts.

I’ve hand selected these three because they cover the basics:

  • Tracking
  • Working

All you truly need to be productive is the knowledge of how you’re spending your time and creating a workflow that drives you to completion.

What are your go-to tools for productivity?