An email marketing campaign is only as useful as the people who open and read your emails. There are key elements that determine if a recipient is likely to open an email, and if they aren’t applied, your open rates can plummet and all the best marketing in the world won’t help you.

Here are 5 ways to increase email open rates that every affiliate should be using.

Write Strong Subject Lines

Subject lines should give the recipient a brief introduction to the email and the services you provide—this will better the chances of the email being opened and the reader perhaps following some embedded links. Your subject line should include action words like “discover” and “learn,” as well as numbers, i.e. “5 Ways to Increase Email Open Rates” to give the reader extra incentive.

Check Your List

Check your email list frequently to find addresses that bounce or are no longer active. If a contact has not opened an email from you in the last month, remove them. By keeping your list updated, you ensure that your emails are being sent to inboxes that exist and recipients who are still around.

Send Good Content

A sparkling email campaign will fall flat if you aren’t sending content that people want to read. Share industry tips, useful advice, offer deals and bonuses, etc. To further increase open rates, create a “heads-up” alert. This could mean posting a message on your Facebook or Twitter page announcing “We have big news coming soon – be sure you’re signed up to our email list.”

Check For Spam

ESP’s can run spam checks that look for certain words or formatting that might trigger a recipient’s email to mark your message as spam—such as spammy subject lines, too many links or dead links, or over-usage of different fonts, type sizes and images. A spam check should be used prior to any email marketing campaign to save time and money.

Use Email Marketing Tools

If you’re still experiencing low open rates, high bounce rates, or your email list is simply lacking in volume, there are email marketing tools that you can use. Here are two of the best.

  • Robomai

Robomail is email marketing software for large volume, time critical, opt-in mailing lists. Robomail personalizes each email for prompt delivery and provides back end database list management. You can view status reports, email verifier lists, bounce reports, see history of documents and much more.

  • E-marketingmania

E-marketingmania is an automated service that sends emails to thousands of opt-in leads instantly. You will be given access to over 1,000 “safelists” or groups of people who have signed up to E-marketingmania and are interested in new business services. When an email is sent to a safelist, it’s sent out to all of the list’s subscribers. Since emails are sent from E-marketingmania’s own server, you will never risk losing your ISP or be flagged as spam.

How do you check your email open rates? Do you use any of the tips provided or others not listed here? Let us know in the comments below.