Amazon Associates is one of my favorite platforms for affiliating with products because it’s such a well-known marketplace, with huge trust, and virtually any and every time of product you’d want.

The thing I love most about AA is that all you need to do is get someone onto Amazon and if they make a purchase within the 24 hour period you will earn a cut on their purchase.

Amazon already has many great features to increase conversions but the basic ones I usually tell others is to do the following:

  • Focus on creating reviews, overviews, lists, and “versus” posts as a vehicle for the promotion
  • Frequently use images of the product throughout the work (each including a link to the page)
  • Have a strong call-to-action at the end that preps the reader into learning more
  • Include screenshots of reviews from those that own the product (and link to the reviews)
  • Create video, worksheets, ebooks, and other media that support your AA links

These will handle roughly 90% of getting people to the site and the rest is in the hands of Amazon (which does a great job on converting anyway).

That other 10%? I think I’ve found it and it comes through a service called Embedly.

What is Embedly

Embedly allows you to create “cards” that can be shared anywhere on the Web. Essentially it’s a service where you can place a link into their system and it will create a rich snippet of that page. What makes it especially neat is that the code can be place just about anywhere and brings a lot of rich features from the parent site (such as logo, details, and even cart buttons).

The cards also have built-in social sharing features to the major social platforms.

The best part? It starts at free and includes the ability to create an unlimited amount of cards, gives it mobile/responsive flexibility, and you can track analytics.

Using it for Amazon Associates

I mentioned those tactics (at the top) as ways to get people to click through your Amazon links but the only issue with them is that they can be time sinks.

  • Manually copying pictures and pasting them into content is tedious
  • Cropping customer reviews and finding specific links is mind-numbly boring
  • Sometimes you need to add additional HTML/CSS to make those images/CTA’s stand out

What’s neat about Embedly is that you can take your Amazon Affiliate link, drop it into their system, and generate these cards which could go right into your blog posts.

Here is what one would look like if you were to do the page for a popular book:

Compare that to your normal routine of adding pictures, writing copy, and including all the little elements trying to get people to click through. The card stands out and since there are layers of interactivity it increases the chance people will click through or share the card.

The fact that it’s free really blows my mind because it can certainly be a very helpful tool for those that are using Amazon Associates as an avenue for income. It does have a paid option of $19/mo which allows you to use more URL’s and more requests per second but for the average Affiliate the free is more than enough to take advantage of this platform.


I think I will begin using this service on older projects that have many reviews and product mentions which were flat images and lackluster links. For new projects this will certainly become the norm. I say give it a try and see how it works for you. If you find that it doesn’t hold up then just remove the code and go back to the other way. It’s worth a try at least.


Image by Simon