Business doesn’t always have to be about business.

At your control you have the opportunity to certainly earn a great deal of money but let’s not forget the unique, enjoyable position you’re in since you took the entrepreneurial leap. There are certainly rights and wrongs to the operation but at the end of the day your business is your own which means you can do whatever you want.

Because you have this flexibility you can play around with your market. You can explore new, exciting strategies other businesses are too afraid to explore and by doing so you’ll encourage interaction which will lead to building a community and customer list that will actually want to be more than a buyer …

#1: Create quick, six second videos using Vine

Think of Vine as the Twitter for video.

Users are limited to just 6 seconds of video but already we’ve seen some very unique uses for the platform. Most recently it has become an ideal space for creating quick, zany comedy videos which has users rolling over in laughter.

Businesses can jump onto the platform in a number of ways:

  • Create video “previews” of a new product, service, or piece of content
  • Respond to feedback on networks like Twitter or Facebook
  • Hold a Vine video contest and have customers create & submit videos of your offers

Vine is extremely easy to understand and use because it’s readily available through your mobile device. Try out a few videos and don’t pass up the opportunity to create something on-the-fly when you’re going about your daily routine in office because something may catch on and those quick videos could be a fun boost to a cold marketing campaign.

#2: Invite a few customers out for a big event (or bring it to them)

  • Got a big product about to launch?
  • Want to do like Apple and put a few beta offers out into the wild to see if anyone will notice?
  • Been meaning to say thank you to your customers in an awesome way?

You may be the type of small business that has an annual get-together for employees (such as a big BBQ or outing to rally the troops). Well, instead of just having it for employees and close business friends consider extending the invitation out to a handful of customers.

It may cost you a small budget but you could fly people to your business event, for free, so they can mingle, see what goes on behind-the-scenes, test products, and see new offers. Make it social and encourage them to post the event on their social media accounts as its going on; they’ll also do so once they return home.

Alternatively, you could “take the party to them” by doing a contest in which you fly out to meet a few people from your customer list. You could turn this into an opportunity where you do a bit of tutoring, product freebies, and a great sit-down to learn about your business in a face-to-face situation.

#3: Have a weekly video hangout

Twitter hashtag chat is so last year.

There are boatloads of video conferencing and ‘hang-out’ tools free (and paid) available on the market.

Your business could start up a campaign that uses these services and tools to hold a weekly round-table chat with your customers.

On a Monday, put out that you’d like to start up a round-table discussion sometime later in the week and then make it known through your website and social accounts.

A few topics to get you started:

  • Have a topic about what customers love and hate about the industry
  • Get people to show off what they’ve accomplished through your information
  • Tell a funny story about the early blunders of your business

You don’t have to keep it a serious tone each and every week – it’s perfectly okay to have a laugh because this will create great bonding between the active participants. Hell, you could even treat it like an in-house bar and have a few cheers before you get down to business.

In all, adding a video element to your business will put a real face and voice to what customers are used to reading and hearing; it’s easier to build a relationship when you see people than just going by their word through some website.

Though there are just three examples – you should already begin to form a few fun and engaging ideas on how to utilize technology to create a bit of interaction. Remember … there are times for work and times for fun; it’s your business so enjoy it and get others in the action, too.