As an affiliate marketer, your success is hinged on one factor: conversions. Simply put, the more visitors you convert into buyers the more money you are going to earn. By constantly tweaking your site, you can settle on a layout that increases conversions and improves interaction.

Many affiliates make the mistake of using features that clog their site. In turn, they are driving people away as opposed to increasing engagement.

Auto-Playing Videos

There is nothing worse than visiting a website, just to have a video begin playing before you ever read the first word. Not only is this distracting, but it annoys some people to the point of leaving the site before seeing what it has to offer.

There is nothing wrong with using video on your affiliate websites. In fact, this is encouraged in many cases. Just make sure you give the visitor the option to watch the video or pass it by.

Too Much Advertising

To earn money, you need visitors to click on ads for the products and/or services you are promoting. That said, there is a fine line between too many ads and not enough.

While some people do not believe it to be true, too many ads can be a bad thing. In addition to cluttering your site and making it difficult for visitors to find the right information, this can greatly slow down load times.

Pop -Ups

Do you remember the days when pop-up advertising was all the rage? Although this has died off quite a bit, many affiliates still use this technique.

There is a time and place for pop-ups. That being said, many people see this form of advertising as nothing more than spam. If you are going to use pop-ups on your site, make sure you do so for a reason. For example, you may use a pop-up to offer a promotional price as a visitor attempts to leave your site.


Flash is a beneficial website tool for many reasons. It is great for interactivity and can go a long way in terms of animation and media. At the same time, this can clog your site and scare away visitors.

There are many issues with Flash including: not accessible on many mobile devices and tablets, not search engine friendly, and it can increase load times.

Have you dealt with any of these issues in the past? Share your advice in the comment area below.