When I first started putting together this post I wanted to use the word “sly” to describe the techniques you could use in everyday life to earn affiliate commissions.

However, sly is cunning.

It also has the connotation of being deceitful.

That’s not what we’re going for with these tactics.

You know affiliate marketing so naturally you are aware of the online retailers that offer products and services.

These are products people buy or subscribe to but often do so through physical locations because many still don’t know how to search the Web effectively for great deals.

When you go through your normal routine and really start to tune in you will notice that there are opportunities all around you to pitch an affiliate offer which brings me to the very tactics you could use to bump those commissions:


Offer to help find them better deals online

This one is easy because you already know how to dig around the Web and use search engines to your advantage.

If you know there’s a demand for recurring products/services then why not create a niche site?

Recurring products/services are the type people buy on a monthly basis — ink, meal subscriptions, air filters. Position yourself in one of these micro-niches. Use email reminders to alert people when they’re likely running low on their supplies.


Encourage shopping through your links

A lot of marketers inject their affiliate links throughout content and hope people will click.

You know what… just ask.

You’re already providing value by sharing good information so if they’re ready to buy then they’d have no qualms about supporting your work by using your affiliate link.

Use terms like “If you shop through my link…” or “You can support me by using this link…”.

Let them know they won’t get charged extra — easy-peasy, yeah?


Make a point to mention items with your hobby

We all have hobbies like photography, train sets, sports, or whatever.

When we share pictures and video of our hobbies we normally just record it through our phone (or a dedicated video camera) and share it on social networks.

All you need to do, next time, is to keep affiliate marketing in mind so when you are showing off your hobby.

You could make mention of the camera you used, online site where you purchase trains, where you buy your sporting equipment, and the like.

You could do a quick edit to throw in an affiliate link on the video and in the description — this way if anyone asks you can just point them to the link.


Host a club or get together

Maybe you have a weekly trivia night, monthly sewing circle, quarterly book club, or whatever you’ve got going on.

If you’re hosting these events you normally would pass out information to those attending.

Instead of just going with the basic information — consider sending people to a resource site which includes links to

Then do a follow-up email with all that info after the event.

Everyone will be interested since you’re talking about it during the event. Once they get home they’re probably ready to go over to a site and buy something mentioned – that could be through your affiliate link.


You don’t need to be sleazy with it.

Casually mention the places where they can find items and just give them your link.

Hell, tell them straight up that you will receive a cut and would be willing to share it with them.

What are they going to say? No? Of course not.

There are opportunities all around us when we keep that affiliate mindset during our everyday routine. Put it to good work and you’ll create new revenue streams from activities you’re already doing.