Think about what you do throughout your day.

You wake up, take a shower, brush your teeth, eat breakfast, go to work (or stay home and work), drive home, get some food, and then relax. This routine is basic in the sense but I think it sums up what most of us do during the work week.

Then we have this affiliate marketing thing.

We tend to think of it as something we’re only really doing when we’re sitting at the computer working on one of our many projects.

The reality is that there are many, many affiliate marketing opportunities that happen throughout the day and if you attune your mind to realize them … then you’ll find yourself earning additional income.

Consider these Scenarios

This is but a small sample of some of the ways you could earn from the everyday occurrences:

  • What if you started an exercise routine, stuck with it, and posted about your results on Facebook to friends and family? This would give you the chance to not only help your loved ones in their quest to get healthy (which I bet they all want to do) but you could become an affiliate for whatever products or services you had used and link to them as part of your recommendations.
  • What if your daily commute to work was long enough that you regularly listen to audiobooks or had the time to really get into the music? What if you took this time that would have just been entertainment and began making reviews of the audio once you got done with them? You could setup a camera and start recording short YouTube videos of your thoughts. Plunk in an affiliate link in the video and the description and you’re now capitalizing.
  • What if you (and maybe your significant other) got really, really into a T.V. show and began hosting viewing parties at your place? If others are as die-hard as you then you could possibly kick up some easy affiliate earnings by promoting things like the DVD/Bluray box sets, memorabilia, and the like. This also happens to be a great time to just talk about related entertainment you like and if someone wants to check it out your could send them affiliate links to buy them – this would be great for anything you can find on Amazon.

The Point of the Post

I want you to get into this mindset where everyday occurrences give you inspiration for affiliate marketing. I also want you to realize you don’t have to rely on link building, SEO, and other online marketing campaigns just to earn some affiliate income.

When you have an interest, can share your thoughts on its value, along with people to list (like your close friends or family), and know your way around grabbing an affiliate link you can pretty much make money from just about anything throughout the day.

So do this tomorrow:

1. Keep a small pen and paper to track some ideas you get throughout the day

2. Go online and see if you can be an affiliate for that product or service

3. Hop on Facebook and connect with close ones that share those same interests

4. Offer recommendations and give them an affiliate link

It’s that easy.

Keep your mind open. Look for the opportunities. Connect with people that share interests. Affiliate with the products. Be a source for good deals and finds.