Facebook Ads has been one of the most amazing additions to how affiliate marketers have been able to create ad campaigns over the past few years. The self serve ad platform over at Facebook is simply amazing!

Who ever thought that you would be able to target nearly a billion people through out the world based on their full demographics such as age, location, gender, and most importantly… their interests!

If you aren’t currently advertising on Facebook Ads, or not finding the success you’d like to see, be sure to read through out Facebook Ads mini guide below. We’ve written several posts about what it takes to create a winning ad campaign, and improve and turn those failing campaigns into profits.

  • Facebook Ads: It’s All About Split Testing – Possibly more important than any other focus on Facebook Ads, is the ability to split test your ad copy. Throw up a ton of ad copies, pull down the losers and keep building winners.
  • How to Make Money with ClickBank on Facebook – If you can’t seem to find any success with promoting affiliate offers on Facebook Ads, maybe you should try ClickBank products. There are plenty of them out there, and some are built for specific interests.

In addition to these helpful posts above, there is a ton of content out there for learning how to make money with Facebook Ads and continually improve your ad campaigns.

Making money with Facebook Ads isn’t for everyone, but if you put in the time and effort to master their system and how to create winning ad campaigns, you can still get in on the Facebook gold rush!