Are you struggling to find success on Facebook Ads? It’s probably because you are not split testing the heck out of your ad campaigns. There is no other self serve platform in the world like Facebook Ads, where you have access to over 800 million users, while also being able to target them all based on country, gender, age and full demographics and interests. That is all you need. It’s not up to you to make sure your ad copy and landing pages are working!

Facebook Ads: Focus on the Images

Lets take a look at one of my personal Facebook ads campaigns that I ran on Facebook Ads a couple years back. The campaign was focused on a weight loss offer, and only targeted to males. The campaign was a direct to landing page campaign, so we won’t bother looking at the landing page. The main focus here is the difference an image can make in your overall ctr and click rate costs.

A few things to point out… first off, it’s way to easy and LAZY to just throw up one or two images with your ad copy. The implications of not running multiple ad copies and weeding out the best, and throwing the garbage ones away can either make or break your ad campaign.

In the figures above I pushed some massive volume on impressions, and while the CTR doesn’t seem like a huge difference from the worst performing image at .07 CTR and .12 CTR, it actually is a MASSIVE different. The top image received 600,000 LESS impressions than the bottom ad, yet the top ad received over 1,000 more clicks!

In addition to the top ad receiving way more clicks with a lot less traffic, the actual cost per click would be cheaper, as Facebook will lower your cost per click rate based on your overall click through rate. I don’t have the actual click through stats for the campaign above, but I do have another ad campaign that will give a good demonstration.

Split Testing Beyond Just Images

As important as your image is in your ad copy, the text and description will also play a big part. In this next ad campaign I had running, I was not only using different images, but also different text headlines. You can see how the “Secrets of Skateboarding” headlines performed much better than “Trick Secrets Exposed”.

More importantly, take a look at the super low average CPC rates I was able to achieve. Since I was getting very high click through rates in the .40%+ range, I was able to pay only a few pennies per click. This is a perfect example of creating excellent ad copy, while targeting the right demographics, which were all skateboarding focused.

Again, if I was to only stick with one of the ad copies above that was costing me .11 cents per clicks, that would just destroy my overall earnings and result in a completely different ad campaign. After receiving a days worth of stats, I would then remove the worst performing ads and keep adding new ad copies similar to the best performing ones, and repeat the process.

How to Split Test on Facebook Ads

Split testing within Facebook Ads is actually very simple, as they pretty much do everything for you. When creating a new Facebook ads campaign, you just need to keep adding different images and ad copy. Facebook will then show all of your campaigns within the Ad Manager, along with individual stats for each.

To go even further in your ad testing, you can setup your own tracking urls using a free platform like Tracking202. There are many other programs out there for split testing, uploading new ad campaigns and url/pixel tracking. These advanced tools aren’t required, but they will help you drill down on what creatives are bringing in the most conversions, as Facebook Ads is only reporting click throughs and not leads generated.

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