As you may have already seen, there are “leaked” reports and presentations floating around the Internet about how Facebook Ads is changing their advertising model and focusing their efforts on larger ad spots, social interaction and big budget advertisers.

For active Facebook Ads users, this really isn’t a big surprise. The Facebook Ads team were never huge fans of affiliate marketing, and by potentially pushing out (or moving on) the smaller guys and taking on huge clients, they can focus on building their internal Fan Pages within Facebook, while also potentially charging a lot more to companies with big budgets.

You can see the full report that is floating around the web below.

Facebook Premium Ads Overview

We are told the changes will start to take effect some time around February 29th, 2012.

The Future of Facebook Ads

These changes don’t mean the end of advertising on Facebook Ads as we know,  but instead in a whole new way and direction. As with all advertising platforms, changes also means profits for those who take action early and get creative.

It will be interesting to see the new Facebook Ads role out, and how they effect the landscape of Facebook, while offering up new banner sizes, locations and ways to create ad campaigns.