Facebook commands the lion’s share of social media users. Siphoning just a fraction of Facebook users into your email list can create an immense opportunity for building up your affiliate business. We take a look at some of the strategies for using Facebook for lead and list building.

Brand & Website Awareness

First and foremost, Facebook is the tool for building brand and website awareness. Facebook gives you many features for these two items whether you employ a fan page, manually find friends, promote your posts, or advertise.

Once you have people interested in your brand, they’re likely to discover your website where you’ll give them access for signing up to your email list. The best way to send people from Facebook to your website is to treat the platform as an all-encompassing publication tool where you share great posts, contests, videos, and other forms of content.

List Generating Status Updates

Status updates, on your Facebook wall, don’t need to be limited to your recent activities or blog posts. Your status updates can be used to promote your email list especially if you have a lead generating freebie such as an ebook or ecourse.

There are a few strategies for building list awareness on Facebook, including:

  • Sharing testimonials from list subscribers
  • Giving a bonus download for Facebook users
  • Discounts for your products after list confirmation

The platform and your usage for promoting your list is only limited by your imagination; it’s free so there’s no overhead for making it work in your favor – it only matters how you use it to build awareness.

The New Promoted Posts

Facebook has recently launched ‘promoted posts’ which get pinned and shared much like advertising on the platform. Instead of creating ads, you’re promoting your status updates which are far more contextual because they appear in feeds and walls rather than in the advertising blocks which get ignored by the majority of its users.

Need some ideas? Try promoting a status update about your email list and the freebies you include. Try some of the other strategies already detailed above or use the new feature to promote a contest that feeds people to your landing page and opt-in form.

Facebook Advertising on Steroids

By now, you should have a thorough understanding of the desired list subscriber based on your data and the type of individual that buys the products and services you offer.

Using this data on your list subscribers, you can start up a Facebook advertising campaign that specifically targets the demographic down to most minute detail such as geographical location, interests, hobbies, education, and more.

Combined with a great picture, relevant ad copy that explain the benefits, and a landing page that keeps the message congruent, Facebook advertising can send thousands of prospects to your list for a fraction of the cost compared to traditional marketing models.

Facebook Landing Page Funnels

Finally, Facebook can be used specifically as a landing page for building your email list since it allows you to create sub-pages that can embed code.

Sending people directly to a landing page on your website has its benefits because it can be finely tuned but people are naturally social and talk about what they’re doing. Sending people to a landing page on Facebook will alert their friends when they like your page and, hopefully, they’ll tell others about the list they’ve just joined.

Marketplaces like Themeforest have dozens of great Facebook templates for setting up your fan page to mimic a full-fledged website. Additionally, Facebook has many tutorials and documents to explain the process of embedding code onto sub-pages which, naturally, will be your opt-in form.