When Facebook decided, some seven months ago, to begin auto playing videos within news feeds the general user base was up-in-arms. Facebook is well-known for having drastic changes on a whim which upset their users but after a few short weeks, like every time, they begin to settle down.

Interestingly enough this decision by Facebook turned into quite the triumph.

Adobe Social Intelligence reports that video play rate is up 785% year over year. The report also mentions that in the first quarter of 2014 the video posts were receiving 58% more likes, click-through, comments, and shares.

Another interesting item to note is that text-based posts were actually down by half a percent during that time. This seems to convey what we all imagined … people want media.

So what does this mean for the affiliate marketer and how could you capitalize on this engagement?


1. Make video your top priority

It goes without saying that video needs to be front and center for your content marketing.

With video you can take a top-down approach. It requires additional effort to create a video but once it has been completed it can then be shared on social sites, transcribed into a blog post, reworked into a slide show, ripped to audio, and the like.


2. Keep it short and sweet

People may be on Facebook for a large chunk of time but you can’t expect them to stop mid scroll through their feed to watch a very long video.

Try to treat your videos like you would if you participate on Vine. Essentially – try to make it short enough to convey the message within the first few seconds but long enough to keep them engaged before they continue scrolling.


3. Make sure to brand it

When you see these videos playing do you even know where they’re coming from?

Chances are you’re not which is why if you’re using video on Facebook you should make the effort to brand the work so it’s easy to spot when it begins playing. Include your URL or logo in the corner and make sure you’re linking to your site from within the status.


4. Provide those quick reviews

Reviews are major money makers (obviously).

But do you think people really have the time to sit through a long sales letter type page reading an in-depth review or do they want to see the product/service in action and make their decision right there?

Use these FB videos to provide short 2 – 3 minute reviews of products you’re using within the niche. These should be very easy to shoot considering you could use your phone to do the recording and immediately upload it to FB. Tack on your affiliate link in the status, brand the video (as mentioned), and get the discussion going so you can convert interested parties.


5. Funnel them to the page

Treat your Facebook video like you would YouTube (but without the interactivity like annotations).

Place call-to-actions in the video that will direct people to engage the status. Try to funnel people to a landing page to begin collecting information and building your list.

Many people that have liked your page may already be a subscriber but try to tighten it up. There is some chance you haven’t got everyone on board and FB video could be what’s needed to get the job done.


Are you using Facebook video? What have you found effective?