As reported by Mashable just a couple of days ago, Facebook is working on new features called “social commerce.”

Not that long ago, one developer discovered a “Want” button code inside Facebook (which the social network is already testing), and just recently the same person found even more new code, this time for social commerce.

The main idea of this is that Facebook will probably allow its users to share their Wants and Purchases, charitable donations, or items purchased inside Facebook games, just like now they can share videos, photos and other info.

This social commerce seems like the next big focus for Facebook after music and news integration. Facebook is very serious about their new functionalities and innovative ways to attract visitors back to the site, giving them more reasons to stay online as long as possible (remember promoted posts?).

This new functionality would allow users to have a look at what their friends like purchasing or want to purchase. Alongside this new aspect of social media comes huge marketing opportunity for merchants and advertisers.

Currently, advertisers on Facebook don’t have any real and trustworthy way of figuring out what certain people want or like to buy. If there was a way to determine each user’s shopping desires, this would make the advertising game a lot easier for most marketers, at least the ones who know what they’re doing.

The final form of this social commerce hasn’t been revealed yet, but we can only imagine that the insights from social commerce will be available to advertisers as a targeting factor (or in any other form).

Running an affiliate campaign on Facebook is often challenging because it’s always a case of interruption marketing. With something like social commerce affiliates would be able to target their audiences better and improve the overall conversions they get.

In essence, such social commerce could bring the retail world closer to Facebook and get users in the mindset that Facebook can be used for other purposes than just taking a look at some photos.

Social commerce is still in the works so there’s no telling what other news Facebook has in store for us. Right now we can only speculate. What’s your opinion about this? Do you find social commerce as a valuable addition from an affiliate’s point of view?