When someone mentions summer to you, what are some of the first things to pop into your mind? Maybe it’s digging your feet into the warm sand, the roar of the ocean in front of you. Perhaps it’s the scent of fresh burgers hitting the grill as you grip a nice cold beverage at a barbecue with some family and friends.

As an affiliate, this means that by embracing summer niches you have a great opportunity to increase conversions and your ROI in general. Niche marketing means you are promoting towards people with an already existing, specific interest. As Christmas shopping indicates, seasonal interest can be a particularly strong factor for sales.

So what should you be promoting to reach that unique summer audience? A good starting point is the very examples I mentioned above. When the weather is scorching, swimming becomes a hot activity. This means that during the summer, there is going to be an additional demand for swimwear. A higher demand for swimwear means more bodily exposure, which itself often leads to some level of self-consciousness. As such, related summer accessories, such as sandals, sunglasses, summer hats, and sunscreen, are great items to promote in tandem with swimwear.

Think outside of the box to really match the products you are promoting with interested buyers. A great summer niche to try your hand at is weight loss and fitness, as lots of people will be striving to achieve some sort of “beach body.” Since the beach and summertime are inextricably linked, tropical travel packages are also a great good to turn your marketing towards. Since people need travel accessories to go on trips, the increase in summer travelling makes the promotion of accessories such as suitcases a booming segment as well.

Summer also means grilling, barbecues, and outdoor gatherings, so promoting items like grills, coolers, insect repelling torches, or even deck furniture will ensure that you are tailoring your efforts towards an already interested audience. There are plenty of other outdoor activities that will experience a summer surge that you should keep your eyes peeled out for.

Summer also means the end of the school year, especially for those graduating. Steadily, more and more people have turned to ecommerce websites for purchasing graduation gifts. Best of all, when you promote graduation presents, you not only provide a valuable good, you get to be part of someone’s happy memory.

Also, try not to limit your notion of what to promote during the summer to the items listed above; these are just a fraction of the wide possibilities the summer brings you as an affiliate. My personal recommendation is to think of summer items you yearn for but can’t find as readily as you might like. Being the first to dig out a particular niche, you deal with less competition and also provide the highest value to your customers.

Once you’ve found your summer niche, or niches, make sure you get your product out there and seen. Blogging, through CMS platforms such as Blogger or WordPress, is a great promotional tool and can also help you build a personal relationship with your audience. To show that you are really serious about your niche, build a unique page or blog that deals only with what you are promoting. Other useful tools are PPC campaigns and targeted ads, such as the ones available through Google or Facebook. Lastly, you may want to consider traditional email marketing and newsletters.

Regardless of what you decide, treat niche marketing in the summer as you would a shimmering swimming pool: dive in!

About the Author

Nicole Young is an affiliate manager at the company Share Results. She entered the world of affiliate marketing after moving to Montreal in 2009. Aside from building strong relationships with her affiliates, Nicole spends her days overseeing the growth of the programs she is managing, negotiating deals, blogging, assisting affiliates with the development of their marketing campaigns, and staying up-to-date with industry news and trends.