No matter type of web site you have, you need to have a logo or mascot design… just something to represent your brand and how people see your company or site. What’s great about having your own logo is that it will be working for you every single day of your blog and company’s life. Every time someone visits your site and reads you content, they will also be seeing your logo, which will help with overall brand awareness and building authority.

Create a Logo is Faster, Cheaper and Easier than You Think

You don’t need to be a designer or have special software to create a logo for your web site. Even better, you don’t need to have a massive budget. There are plenty of resources and services online for creating excellent design and logo work, and many of them won’t break your budget.

One of my favorite places to use for logo design is a site called LogoNerds. Once you get to their site and place an order, you will be put through a form process that will allow you to write down the details and concept for your logo design. Their design team will quickly put together some concepts for you and you get to help them with your feedback along the design process.

As mentioned, I love using their services for design work. You can read up on my latest logo design case study and see how the process plays out. The process is actually much cheaper than you think, and will cost you less than $50. If you are really tight on a budget, there are also plenty of design services offered through for only $5! Of course they are much lower in quality, but it’s still a logo design for your site.

Why You Need to Create a Logo for Your Site Now

What are your favorite web sites, brands and companies in the world? Many of them have logo designs and are some of the most recognized logos in the world. Just think about how much different their products and branding would be if they didn’t have great logos.

The bottom line is, no matter the age of your site or what niche you are working in, you should have a logo design. Your logo will start building your brand from day one and will keep working for you through the life of your site and business.

This post was written by Zac Johnson

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