Each holiday season there are a number of niche products that really do cross the boundary in the marketplace; they are great because they can be integrated in just about any niche.

What’s nice about these cross-niche items is that you can generally keep the same promotional tactics; it makes it easier for you to introduce these items if you happen to go after multiple niches.

Think of it in terms of answering these questions:

  • Are you a web developer? You could use it.
  • Are you a business leader? You could use it.
  • Are you an office professional? You could use it.
  • Are you a tech-savvy consumer? You could use it.

… You get the point… it’s something that can fit every bill.

These are the products that aren’t limited by your niche and can be used across the board.

#1: Tablets/Smartphones

The marketplace for tablets & smartphones have gone atomic. There are dozens of models in the marketplace from dozens of various brands; these devices have become part of our everyday life not just for entertainment but for business, too.

Tablets & smartphones fit the bill because it’s a market where many people do annual upgrades because of the sheer amount of products; they always want the latest and greatest.

Example strategy: If your nice were for cycling you could include a campaign that promoted a smartphone along with cycling applications.

On the affiliate end you are looking at nice profits because these devices range from $100 – $800; you can promote a good amount of the low-end to raise your commission threshold and then score a few major sales on the high end to bolster the earnings.

#2: E-Learning Classes

College has become quite expensive and it’s a real bummer for many individuals that want to pursue their passion; a great alternative to the matter is to take on e-learning.

E-learning fits into just about every niche you can imagine; if there’s an interest you can bet someone has already created a course on the subject (and if not it gives you an opportunity to do so).

Example strategy: If you were in the gaming niche you could promote courses on learning better strategies for popular games.

Earnings for promoting e-learning classes vary but you are generally looking at promoting one that’s $30 – $100 (on something like Udemy). The e-learning platforms you can promote also do a great job at coercing individuals into other courses so if the affiliate program pays on subscriptions you could be in line for some very nice commissions.

#3: Weight Loss

What’s something we all want (and wish for) during the New Year? Weight loss.

We all have this idea that “this is the year!” when it comes to shedding those extra pounds. Not all people stick through it but we go into it with best intentions and that means we’re all ready to purchase a few products that’ll get us there.

Example strategy: If you were in the business niche you could create a campaign around the importance of keeping in shape while working a desk job.

Weight loss (and healthy living) can relate to any niche because if we are healthier we will do our work and activities better; it’s one type of promotion that’s definitely worth doing around the New Year.

#4: Dating

Everyone is out there looking for love. Since so much of our lives have shifted to online the world of online dating isn’t as taboo as it once used to be; this gives you a great opportunity for promotions.

There are plenty of dating websites that pay commissions for signups; you’ll find dating sites that niche down for just about every type of demographic which makes pairing them with your campaigns to be that much easier.

Example strategy: If you were in the construction niche you could talk about how it may be hard finding a significant other due to the long work hours and then promote a site that is tailored to those individuals.

Earnings with the dating niche can be very lucrative if you manage to work them into your niche right; the payouts may not be big per conversion but when you’re able to send a great deal of traffic through you are looking at nice commissions especially if the dating site is subscription based.

#5: Housing/Travel

Around this holiday time you will find a lot of individuals making the move (and doing travel to see family); this is a great time to promote the hospitality programs like hotels, airfare, and moving services.

You could choose to go with sites that have specific affiliate programs (that may pay out higher) or one of the type of sites that aggregate multiple listings (which pay out a little less); it’s up to you but either way you shouldn’t have much trouble if you work it in your existing campaigns the right way.

Example strategy: If you were in the college niche you could talk about traveling back home for the holidays or making a move to a new apartment between semesters.

The housing/travel programs don’t really pay out too well but with so many people moving around this holiday season you’re bound to make extra earnings from something the market is already paying for.

Which products have you found to work across the various niches?