Blog promotion is every bit essential for building your online presence.

The majority of bloggers have this idea of “if you build it they will come” but the fact that there are hundreds of millions of websites, online, really puts that statement to the test. It just isn’t feasible to rely on the hope that people stumble onto your site.

You’ve got to promote.

When you’re ready to promote you’ll begin looking for websites that accept submissions. These are social sites that can help you build a community and content awareness. When used correctly they can turn into driving factors for your traffic and link building efforts.

I wanted to share five of these sites I feel every blogger should try – at least once:

1. Reddit

Reddit is a little iffy.

The Reddit community is very in-tune with advertising and marketing which means you can’t just sign up for an account and start blasting links because they’re going to be downvoted into oblivion.

To get the most from this social site – I would recommend the following:

1. Visit

2. Find sub-reddits related to your niche

3. Lurk a few days (or weeks) to see what type of content is added (and discussions started)

4. Develop a strategy to include your work (either directly or indirectly)

5. Participate

Sounds easier than done but it’s totally do-able. Once you’re on the site long enough and you’ve developed a presence within a related sub-reddit you can begin working your content into the discussions. The point, though, is to not go overboard. Do so only when it’s appropriate. Take the time to get involved not as a marketer but as a community member.

In enough time your site may be picked up as one of the regulars which can lead to nice traffic spikes.

2. Triberr

Triberr is a site / network that lets bloggers and influencers come together.

Once you’re in the system you can create groups (tribes) related to shared topics and interests with other bloggers in your industry/niche. By joining forces (much like a mastermind group) you can work together to promote content on social media sites, leave comments, and other feedback that will help to grow your blog.

I’d recommend the following:

1. Get a group of 5 – 10 bloggers in your niche together for a meeting

2. Get all of these individuals to sign up for a Triberr account under your tribe

3. Keep a regular schedule where everyone shares content from the tribe

Quite simple, really. Once you have a team behind you (like a “comment circle”) you can kick start that initial buzz that may lead to other users of those social networks to share your work.

3. Facebook

I’m sure I don’t need to really mention this but if you’re not yet on there than you need to get on Facebook – especially with fan pages and private groups.

Here’s why:

  • Fan pages can aid to building your core community by driving people from your website and marketing campaigns to a social network they’re most likely already using – so whenever they’re on they’ll receive your updates.
  • Private groups are great because it adds a layer of exclusivity so people are more inclined to participate because it gives the impression that the group comprises of “only the best” – having this tight-knit group can get things shared very rapidly when everyone is behind the idea.

There’s also promoted posts and advertising which will make growing your blog a bit easier.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest still seems like a place where it’s just about sharing craft ideas and recipes but it’s really starting to come around to being a whole lot more.

The fact that you can install a Pinterest plugin on your site and allow people to pin images and content really makes it a no-brainer for inclusion since it takes only a few seconds.

If you want to step up your Pinterest involvement you should get an account rolling, divide your board into categories, and try to make regular contributions.


  • Post tutorials about your product or services
  • Post sales, coupons, and giveaways for the business
  • Post relevant/complimentary content to popular pins
  • Use hot Pinterest posts, from your niche, as part of curated content for the site

Read more on using Pinterest for traffic.

5. Blog Engage

Blog Engage has been around for some time now and never really got a whole lot of recognition but that’s not to say that it’s an absolutely incredible community for bloggers to connect and promote work.

I had included it in a post called “off-beat web platforms”.

I’ve had an account on the network for many years and it still pulls in the odd-ball traffic. I’m sure if I use it frequently it would be one of my major traffic sources because the community it has built is very passionate about blogging and when you segment down to specific categories you are able to make connections with truly great people.

Here’s what I’d recommend:

1. Get an account on Blog Engage (and refer your blogger friends)

2. Publish your best content (found with analytics) but scaled out over time

3. Respond to comments, share others’ content, and integrate with the community

4. Repeat

Blog Engage also has some premium options that lets you get your blog out there. Give all of it a try and see how it works for you.


Your turn – what are your “go-to” websites for blog promotion?