It’s Monday and I’m sure you have a lot on your plate so instead of dumping a big tutorial on you right away I figured we could start this week on a lighter note. You’re already quite busy getting things rolling and chances are that you might not have a lot of time today to work on your affiliate marketing business (and all those projects in the pipeline).

Let’s take it easy today and focus on a few actions you can take to improve your income. The best part is that these actions shouldn’t take any longer than five minutes each (so don’t expect stress from the additional work for the day).

Here are five that I came up with that I think are worth doing when you have some free time:

1. Outline a blog post

A huge time saver I have been doing for years is to work on an outline of a blog post.

The outline usually consists of:

  • Title
  • Sub-section headings
  • Introduction
  • Links (for references)

By doing just the outline (which shouldn’t take more than five minutes) you’ll have a lot of it ready for when you do have time to sit down and work on the main content. Having the outline out of the way should speed up the process and if you create them frequently then you don’t have to worry about running out of ideas.

2. Send a friendly email

I can bet that you haven’t talked to some of your friends, family, or business-types in a while yet you continue to put it off because it’s just one of those things we all like to avoid.

Don’t put it off any longer.

Use your five minutes to send a friendly hello to someone you’ve neglected for some time. Catch up with them and see what’s new.

By doing one of these a day you’ll generally keep those contacts close. You never know if the person may be working on a new project and would like some help.

3. Brush up on some history (or anything, really)

It’s good to know the World around you because it’ll help you understand all its various cultures and traditions. We all learned history lessons in school but I can assure you that we forgot a lot of them.

YouTube has a lot of great history lessons that are five minutes or less.

Of course you could type in anything, really, along with “in 5 minutes”. The point is that you’re learning a little during your downtime. It could be history, understanding a program you use, picking up a new foreign word, or whatever you want.

By looking up these five minute lessons you’ll keep your mind sharp. Watching some of these videos may also spur a few new ideas for your business. Inspiration can come in many different forms.

4. Ask for a link

  • Got a few blogs and sites on your radar that relate to your project?
  • Do any of their pages have broken links?
  • Does your content compliment their work?

Why not use that five minutes to write to the blog/site owner asking them, kindly, if they’d consider placing a link to your site (or a page).

By doing this frequently you can slowly amass high quality links to your sites/projects from very reputable sources; it also lets you get in touch with the owner which can lead to other opportunities in promotion (thus leading to a bump in income).

5. Barter with customer service

A quick phone call the other day dropped my health insurance by nearly 50% and it only took a few minutes. Now imagine all other services one would might subscribe to each month.

When you understand the cost of acquisition (how much a business might pay to have you as a customer) along with the lifetime value it becomes apparent that a discount is far better for a company to give than to see you going to the competition.

Ramit has a great post about the art of negotiation (with examples) which is worth the read.

By taking these quick actions you are effectively improving your income because you aren’t paying as much as before (simple, right?). With those extra funds you could increase budgets for your projects like additional advertising or hiring a writer. Not bad for five minutes of your time (usually).


What little five minute actions do you recommend that could improve income?