The goal with affiliate marketing, at least for many of us, is to create a passive income with our efforts to either mitigate the bills while working a normal 9-to-5 or to push over the edge so we no longer need to work the average job.

The idea of a “lifestyle-changing income” isn’t all that farfetched.

An additional $1,000 a month, when you really break it down, can be quite a major leg-up considering it could handle a car payment, bolster an emergency fund, allow us to travel, invest in new opportunities, save for education, and so much more.

It really does become life changing in this regard.

This week I’d like to share one insight, each day, to get you to that lifestyle-changing level when pursuing those affiliate/online efforts.

The $$$ signs may not be massive but they’ll change the game…

Mixing it up

Affiliate marketing lets you try your hand at any market but I’d recommend you do a mix of niches.

When you mix it up you:

  • Spread your income sources to prevent disaster if your major project fails
  • Forces you to try new strategies and meet new people
  • Helps you make connections across a wide marketplace rather than being cornered
  • Gives you the opportunity to sell these projects when you get bored

It’s very easy to niche down and rely on just one project; it also gets your mind stuck which isn’t a great thing considering that affiliate marketing is always changing and needs you to change with it.

Even if 90% of these project don’t work out they bring even greater opportunities to the business:

  • You are able to learn from your mistakes and reinforce those strategies which will help you do better in the industry, overall
  • You may find yourself in a niche you begin to love that trumps the other projects; this new project of passion could be what helps you grow your income to new levels
  • You won’t get bored of working on the same projects because there is always something new to explore, learn, and test

What I would recommend is that you do a mixture of affiliate marketing in niches you both love and one’s that will present a challenge. The one’s you love will always have something entertaining to do because you are digging deeper into what interests you. The challenging ones, like niches you aren’t all that comfortable with, will balance out the income sources and get you to pursue loftier goals & strategies that can be applied to other work.

Try starting a new, niche website sometime in the future just to give something a try.

The most important thing to when pursuing affiliate marketing (or any business) is to keep yourself level-headed about it all. It becomes very easy to get caught up with this idea of overnight riches.

If you suddenly gained an additional $1,000 a month wouldn’t you consider that a life changer?

Yes, it may not be these big numbers thrown around by the mega affiliates but for the average individual, like you and me, it allows a shift in lifestyle.

Start on this level and change the game. From there on out there are no limits.