The goal with affiliate marketing, at least for many of us, is to create a passive income with our efforts to either mitigate the bills while working a normal 9-to-5 or to push over the edge so we no longer need to work the average job.

The idea of a “lifestyle-changing income” isn’t all that farfetched.

An additional $1,000 a month, when you really break it down, can be quite a major leg-up considering it could handle a car payment, bolster an emergency fund, allow us to travel, invest in new opportunities, save for education, and so much more.

It really does become life changing in this regard.

This week I’d like to share one insight, each day, to get you to that lifestyle-changing level when pursuing those affiliate/online efforts.

The $$$ signs may not be massive but they’ll change the game…

Letting go

With anything that goes into working on the Web you’ll quickly find out there are so many opportunities that you can get quickly distracted which is why it’s important that you learn to let go:

  • You are able to stay focused on the projects that are making money
  • You cut out the people that are holding you back
  • You avoid sinking funds into projects that may be stagnant and on the decline
  • You don’t get caught up in a single strategy (because it’s working now) to look to the future
  • You won’t get overly-emotional when things don’t go your way

I can’t tell you how many projects I had on my “backlog” list that have been there for years. Every once in a while I want to give them a try but the market has changed so much that none of them are truly viable today. When you let go there comes many greater benefits than those above:

  • You stop relying on the “yes men” that are touting your projects; they may have the best intentions but they may also lead you astray when you could work on projects you know are the best for your business
  • You start looking at the bigger picture rather than focusing on little changes; you will find your work to be easier (because you’re doing it in chunks rather than staging it out), going after the bigger players (for networking), and taking on bigger challenges (in niches you don’t know)
  • You don’t beat yourself up when you see someone gain success in a niche you wanted to try; you come to realize that you should have acted at the time (even just to test) and so that motivation will stick with you in future projects (without feeling spiteful of past failures)

What I would recommend is taking a bit of time each week (or month) to assess the viability of your projects and what’s on your to-do list. If you feel that your time is going to waste because a project isn’t going anywhere then it may be time to trim the fat and move onto the next idea.

Cutting down on those wasteful actions will let you stay focused on the actions that bring in the money.

The most important thing to when pursuing affiliate marketing (or any business) is to keep yourself level-headed about it all. It becomes very easy to get caught up with this idea of overnight riches.

If you suddenly gained an additional $1,000 a month wouldn’t you consider that a life changer?

Yes, it may not be these big numbers thrown around by the mega affiliates but for the average individual, like you and me, it allows a shift in lifestyle.

Start on this level and change the game. From there on out there are no limits.