The goal with affiliate marketing, at least for many of us, is to create a passive income with our efforts to either mitigate the bills while working a normal 9-to-5 or to push over the edge so we no longer need to work the average job.

The idea of a “lifestyle-changing income” isn’t all that farfetched.

An additional $1,000 a month, when you really break it down, can be quite a major leg-up considering it could handle a car payment, bolster an emergency fund, allow us to travel, invest in new opportunities, save for education, and so much more.

It really does become life changing in this regard.

This week I’d like to share one insight, each day, to get you to that lifestyle-changing level when pursuing those affiliate/online efforts.

The $$$ signs may not be massive but they’ll change the game…

Having an end-game

If you picked up anything throughout this short series it should be that affiliate marketing can be a cruel mistress that chews you up and spits you out. Having an end-game to your work will help you see your way into brighter futures if/when you move out of the affiliate marketing game:

  • You’ll focus on learning skills that can be used in other types of businesses
  • You’ll make connections that could help you get your foot in the door of a new industry
  • You’ll create projects that can be sold for major profits
  • You’ll think of sound investments with your money rather than squandering it

Affiliate marketing can bring in amazing profits and is actually quite easy to get into but it’s ridiculously hard to keep with it because it changes so frequently and can be difficult to keep up.

By focusing on the bigger picture and an end-game you are setting yourself up for amazing opportunities that can’t be found by sticking to a single industry:

  • The skills involved with operating an affiliate marketing business (if you took the time to learn them) can be applied to nearly any other online business venture; you could get into ecommerce, work for a startup, get into multi-media, become a manager, and more
  • Being able to create & finish projects, along with organizing and managing teams, looks amazing on your resume and helps with your online reputation; this in turn will help you sell these projects for major profits, connect you with big players (thus opening opportunities like consulting or speaking gigs), or could see you becoming a long-term freelancer
  • Seeing the big picture will help you notice when the market is making a shift; sometimes markets simply fail because the consumers have left and if you are able to notice this trend you will stay viable while many others will fail

What I would recommend is to step back from the day-to-day operations of your projects so that you place a higher focus on learning new skills, networking, and handing over the basic work to employees or freelancers. Your time is the most important thing you have and by having an end-game in mind you will stop yourself from squandering it so you can truly grow (not just in business but as a professional).

Try to never be blind-sided from your success; always keep working on the future (even if it ends up beyond your foray in affiliate marketing).

The most important thing to when pursuing affiliate marketing (or any business) is to keep yourself level-headed about it all. It becomes very easy to get caught up with this idea of overnight riches.

If you suddenly gained an additional $1,000 a month wouldn’t you consider that a life changer?

Yes, it may not be these big numbers thrown around by the mega affiliates but for the average individual, like you and me, it allows a shift in lifestyle.

Start on this level and change the game. From there on out there are no limits.