Yesterday I had published five different income-improving actions from creating outlines to saving a few bucks by bartering so that you may increase your project budget.

By the time I finished writing it I knew I wanted to do a follow up and so here we are…

The point of this post is exactly what you think when you read the title.

It’s about taking a few minutes of your time (often five minutes or less) to complete an action that will earn you some additional income.

Let’s go ahead and jump right into the next set…

1. Share a coupon

Hop onto:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest

…and share a coupon for a product you offer on one of your affiliate websites.

Don’t have a coupon because it’s not your product? No problem! Send an email to the owner and see if they would be willing to make one exclusively for you so that you may aid in a quick promotion.

As long as you give the coupon some form of context (such as wrapping it with content or explaining why there is a discount) you should get a few takers which means an easy bump in earnings.

2. Shoot over an interview (written-style)

I’m sure you have a handful of people on your list you’d love to talk to (or already do) and bring their insight and wisdom to your content (I’m talking about interviews).

A quick email will do the trick – just make it like so:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Tell them why you’re sending an email
  • Leave a few questions you’d like answered
  • Thank them

You could even create a general theme and template out of this email and turn specific questions and answers into an on-going interview series (kind of like “X Answers Five Questions about Y” thus giving readers multiple viewpoints on a particular topic).

This becomes a little earner because the other individual is likely to share the interview with their following thus bumping up your traffic and exposure to offers along with establishing a connection and growing your social circle/credibility.

3. Read a little

Next time you’ve got some downtime (like when you’re in the bathroom) keep a book related to your industry on hand so you can read it little by little. Five minutes a day should give you enough time to down a few pages and be done with it in a few weeks (maybe less).

This isn’t exactly a “five minute” action but bear with me…

Eventually you’ll have completed the book and wouldn’t you know? You now have something to review!

Each time you’re able to push out some of this content you have a chance of getting your affiliate link to your followers. Continue reading as a habit and by the end of the year you should have a ton of book reviews for your site(s) plus you’ll gain some great insight from the actual reading that could help with your business, too.

4. Speed up the website

Google (and other search engines) love a fast website but know who likes ‘em more? The users, of course. If your site is loading slowly as molasses then they won’t bother and click the back button.

Nothing is worse than spending all that time developing a site, its content, and brand, to have something as basic as site speed prevent you from profiting.

The site speed tools and resources we put together include items like using a cache, reducing image size, minifying the code, and more. Each shouldn’t take all too long to implement.

Once you have some of these in effect you should see a dramatic reduction in site load time which should show a significant improvement to lowering your bounce rate.

5. Promote a holiday

There’s always a holiday somewhere in the World and it just so happens that you probably do receive traffic from those countries that are celebrating. Even so, with advertising tools you could always setup a few promotions during the holiday event even if it’s not one you’re currently celebrating.

People around that time are generally buying all kinds of goods and services.

It doesn’t even need to be an official holiday, either, because people simply want to celebrate for the sake of celebrating. Just look at and you can see that we’ve given little holidays to just about every day of the year. Take that and run with it.

I’m sure you could find a way to inject an affiliate offer into whatever is happening on the day – it’s certainly worth the shot if it means you could earn a few extra bucks.