As we discussed earlier this week, the past year has seen a dramatic change in Google and a variety of their services. And while we agree with our statement that Google+ is having problems with user adoption, we still think it’s a great resource for affiliates, and that affiliate marketers who ignore Google+ do so at their own risk.

For today’s post, I’m going to list five reasons why affiliate marketers need to be using and taking advantage of Google+.

Reason #1: Posts Last Longer

If you’re using Facebook, it’s likely you’re getting a burst of traffic in the 6-8 hours after your post. And then it falls off to nothing. That’s part of the curse of Facebook’s success. It has so much content on a regular basis, that it makes it hard for messages to stay at the top of user feeds for longer than a few hours. Google+’s lower adoption rate and smaller audience means that your content will live longer and surface in a higher position on user feeds than you might expect.

Reason #2: Privacy

Web privacy remains a hot-button issue. Unlike Facebook, which has notoriously changed its privacy settings without notifying itsusers, Google+ is sharing your information all over the web while keeping your personal information intact. Users simply have a higher level of trust for Google and its products, which could mean that Google+ could continue to see users migrating from Facebook.

Reason #3: Integration with Gmail and Other Google Services

While many users continue to complain about Facebook’s recent interface update, Google is much better at incorporating a wealth of information in a page while keeping it pleasing to the eyes. They usually enhance their page designs to create a more chic look once it already contains the classified information.

Among other social networking sites, Google+ and Gmail are the only ones providing notifications and updates that are well-organized. Unlike others, their distribution of updates is annoying and truly irritating. It is like a pale overflowing with water. With Google+ and Gmail, you’d feel you are managing your inbox.

Reason #4: Inbound Links to Your Website

Follow the advice of SEO blogger Christopher Penn, who suggests that businesses can add inbound do-follow links into their About section to encourage clickthroughs. This is an added benefit which Facebook does not provide.

Reason #5: Ability to Optimize Your Pages

In addition to getting backlinks for your site, the content areas of Google+ offer a lot of ability to SEO your while profile. Check out this post from Search Engine Watch’s Kristi Hines on how to optimize your profile.

And once your profile is optimized and loaded with content, you’ll find your Google+ profile and your post scoring high in the search engine results pages for your keywords.

Are you on Google Plus? Tell us about your profile here.