Five top sports affiliate programs – affiliateprograms.comOver the past few weeks, I’ve highlighted a variety of affiliate programs you can consider when planning your business strategy. Today, I’m going to look at a few sports affiliate programs. I hope to give you some ideas on how to monetize a site about personal fitness, or a fan site for a sport, team or college.

Regardless of whether you just want to make a bit of spare change, or run an empire of interconnected sports affiliate websites, I’m certain this list will provide you with some options to enhance your business with a great affiliate program or two.

Golf — Last month, I wrote about the best golf affiliate programs. Because it’s a global sport that appeals to upper-income wage earners, it’s a solid recession-proof niche. There’s a range of good programs, also. You can advertise everything from a ClickBank product that trains people on their swing to high-end golf gear and accessories from the retailer Golfsmith.

Sportsbooks — Sportsbook affiliate programs are an easy and highly profitable way to make money from your sports fan site. Regardless of the sport, there is definitely an opportunity to make a little bit of money from sports betting. Events such as the World Cup, Kentucky Derby and the National Football League Playoffs are particularly strong opportunities. Check out this article on our sister site, Casino Affiliate Programs, for more information.

Fantasy Football — In the United States, fantasy football is a great way to capture Americans’ interest in professional football. It’s estimated that more than 18 million people participate in fantasy leagues each year. It’s also a hot keyword on Google. There are more than 5 million searches for “Fantasy football” each month, with a low level of competition. Check out the programs from Fantasy Football Commish or Hey Sports Fans.

Total Gym — Total Gym is an evergreen fitness product that helps people build muscle and lose weight. It’s a relatively inexpensive alternative to more expensive products such as Bowflex. On Commission Junction, the 3 Month EPC (earnings per 1000 clicks) was recently as high as $127. If you have a weight loss or fitness site, it’s worth checking out.

Sporting Goods — Advertising retail sporting goods is another option for your affiliate site. Dick’s Sporting Goods, a big-box brick and mortar retailer with a terrific online presence, currently has a 3 Month EPC of $180 on Commission Junction. If your site targets athletes, or provides tips for active lifestyles, this could be a great program for you.

Regardless of your specific niche, sports programs can be great money makers that allow you to create content about something you’re passionate about.

Tell us about your experience with sports affiliate programs in the comments below!